Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain – 5 Gallon – Covers up to 750 SQ FT

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Our Woodrich Brand Deep Penetrating Timber Oil Wood Stain 5 Gallon covers up to 750 square feet of wood. This stain is extremely easy to apply, whether you are a DIY homeowner or contractor. It is an ideal choice for staining new cedar or pressure treated pine decks, fences, wood siding, or log cabins. First-time users can expect perfect results as well. It will not overlap, run, or leave drip marks because it dives deep to replenish old and dry wood. It can also be applied to new wood and is loaded with trans-oxide pigments which provides much better coverage than other paraffinic stains. Even those who have never worked with wood before can achieve a beautiful finish with this easy-to-use product.

Product Includes

  • 5 Gallons Woodrich Brand Timber Oil Stain


If you have questions or need help with your wood restoration project, you can count on Woodrich Brand to provide outstanding professional personalized support by calling us @ 636-288-8512 or emailing support@woodrichbrand.com as well. Also, you can visit our gallery or forum for tips, creative ideas, and support from the Woodrich Brand community.

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Amaretto, Brown Sugar, Warm Honey Gold, Western Cedar

25 reviews for Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain – 5 Gallon – Covers up to 750 SQ FT

  1. Janet Groome

    Liked the color, sprayed on well. easy cleanup. Rained right at the end of the project and it held up fine.

  2. La Verne Wilson

    Excellent product‼️ Very easy to work with.

  3. Johnny Coates

    Great product Covered well and looks great!

  4. Cory McDonald

    I used the Timber Oil on a fence. The fence is still new wood, about 40 days old. The Timber Oil maintained the natural look of the wood. The wood grains and all the natural colors of the wood still were visible. It was exactly the look I wanted while still protecting the wood from aging and weather. I found the product easy to apply, I used a pump can and a brush.
    I would highly recommend this product.

  5. N West

    Very easy to use and I love the color. Customer support is very friendly and helpful. I have placed a 2nd order within a month a month of the 1st order.

  6. Steven Wells

    This timber oil has worked beautifully on our log home. It has lasted for approximately four years. I highly recommend this product. I also like that it is free shipping to my home. Thank you Woodrich. Steven Wells in Chesapeake, Va

  7. William Raines

    Between your products and service we never fail to meet or exceed expectations.

  8. Richard Royster

    When I called you company and spoke with Russell Cissle, I felt confident that I chose the right company to do business with, and comfortable that I was buying the right product for my application. I appreciate the help !

  9. Leslie Harvey

    I used the Timber Oil in Brown Sugar on old ( 5 year old deck and 10 year old fence) and new treated pine porch and railing. I chose this product because the company says it can be used on new pressure treated wood. I used the cleaner first on all of the wood, and then I used the brightener on the old wood only. Some of the old and new wood is right next to each other, and now it all blends nicely, not perfectly, but it looks really good. The color is more golden then I thought it would be and some of the color seemed to have lightened some on the new pressure treated after it rained, but the water still beads right up on all of it, and I only did one coat. I would have had major drip marks and overlap with other stains, but I didn’t have any at all with Timber Oil. I used a brush and roller on all of it instead of a sprayer. The wood soaked it right up, but overall, I ended up using less than I figured I would. Clean up was easy.

  10. Kay

    Woodrich Timber oil is easy to use for DYI’ers like my husband and me. We ‘ve had wonderful results on our decks and will be using this product for years to come. Thanks for an excellent wood stain!

  11. Patricia Johnson

    Product was everything (plus more) that it was advertised to be. My application was to a new (2 month old) cedar deck floor. I accidentally spilled some on the deck floor when pouring, dripped it across the deck, overlapped the application, and stepped in the stain tray and tracked it across the floor. Amazingly it all blended together and looks beautiful. Your product is absolutely foolproof!

  12. David A Toops

    This is a reorder of previously used product. Application is easy, and results are outstanding.

  13. Tina Archambault

    I ordered the 3 step system over a 2-3 year period and just finished up this week! I was lazy, to say the least, and our fence is big, so I procrastinated getting it done. We have bees coming May 1, so I was motivated to get it finished. It turned out really nice, however, I would have preferred the Signature Brown Timber Oil to the Brown Sugar. Brown Sugar is more orange on our cedar fence than I wanted and I didn’t know that Signature Brown was an option until I spoke with Russell on the phone later into the project, ordering more supplies to complete the project. When I am ready for more timber oil maintenance in several years, I will order the Signature Brown. Shipping is a killer for the Timber Oil, so if you have a large order, it’s best to make a note on your order for Russell to work with you to find a discount on shipping your order. If there was a way to post before and after pictures I would, but I don’t see a place to.

  14. Greg Williams

    I don’t always enjoy having to order online but this was easy to order and it shipped quickly. The honey gold looks great on our deck!

  15. Peter J Cartwright

    Fast shipping. Applied oil yesterday afternoon, was easy to do, will see how well it lasts. Very satisfied so far.

  16. David Lieberman

    The Timber Oil was a breeze to apply. I used a roller and a single coat did the job. My 1- yr. old, untreated, 600 sq. ft. redwood deck now looks as good as the day I placed the last plank. Where some shrinking/dying had made some boards squeak, they have returned to their original dimension and are totally quiet. Excellent penetration and absorption!

    I spent a lot of time researching sealing products for redwood and believe I made the best choice. I happily recommend Woodrich Timber Oil.

  17. Anonymous

    This was the look I was searching for on my recently installed treated lumber deck. I wanted something to bring out the rich grain in the wood. The way it looks when it is wet. The water beads up well and it looks great wet or dry! Thank you Woodrich!

  18. David

    I have several things that I wanted to use this product on and thus far I have completed treating the wood floor on a utility trailer and completed the treatment of a 300 ft treated wood fence.
    I applied to product with a simple “pump up” sprayer. Very easy to apply and looks great.

  19. James Kelly

    New pressure treated yellow pine. Dried 2 months, sanded smooth, cleaned and brightened with Woodrich products, and applied Warm Honey Gold Timber Oil. Couldn’t be happier with the results. Very easy to apply also.

  20. Jason Hietanen

    Great product and great service!

  21. Elizabeth Leal

    Never painted a thing in my life! This stuff was so easy to work with! Didn’t dry sticky and looks as good as a professional! I was heavy handed painting so it looks much darker than my sample but it seems lighter today than yesterday so maybe it will lighten gradually.

  22. Karen

    The Woodrich stain I purchased and used on a rather large expanse of red cedar fence turned out beautifully. It enhanced the wood grain, rather than covering it, as some stains do, and was easy to apply. Russell was very helpful in discussing choosing a stain and I was able to buy a test kit of all the colors to try out on the wood for only $10–which I got back on my purchase. My non-graying fence is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier.

  23. Ed Truett

    this is a great product and very easy to apply . best color we have ever used, makes cedar look rich and vibrant. you will like this product!

  24. Anonymous

    Love your product and have recommended it to friends and neighbors. Great company to do business with. Have not been disappointed.

  25. Michael Kirk

    Please note, I’m rating this product as “Excellent” even though I haven’t started applying it to my fence and deck.

    Unfortunately, someone stole one of the 5 gallon (purchased 10 gallons) containers off my front porch before I got home.

    To complete the task, I have to re-order another 5 gallons before I start.

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  • What is the best stain to use on pressure treated pine?

    Timber Oil deep penetrating stain is a great choice for new and aged pressure treated pine wood.  New pine should be cleaned and brightened before staining.  The Brown Sugar or Amaretto colors usually look best on pressure treated pine.

  • What is the best stain to use on cedar?

    We recommend Timber Oil deep penetrating stain for new and aged cedar wood.  Timber Oil does an excellent job of penetrating cedar wood.  The stain has a high degree of clarity because it is tinted with transparent oxide pigments.  It dries very natural and you can still see all of the grain and detail of the wood.

  • When should a new deck be stained or sealed?

    The sooner the better.  A new deck will begin to discolor in  as little as two weeks when  its exposed to the sun.  If pollen spores settle into the grain of the wood, they can become a food source for mold or mildew.  Staining and sealing the wood will help  protect it from the elements.  When protecting new wood for the first time it is usually best to clean and brighten the wood prior to applying any finish.

  • Is this made for cedar? Will it repel bugs?

    This product can be used to protect cedar wood.
    It does not attract bugs, but at the same time it is not sold as a bug repellent.

  • Mildew resistance and UV protection in semi transparent stain?