Average Rating: 4.6 stars (based on 268 ratings)

Great Product

Very satisfied with the product. Purchased Timber Oil Brown Sugar and applied to our new cedar, went on easy with no problems. Would never buy from anyone else again. Ordered and was delivered with in 2 days.

Jim Crossley
October 15, 2020

Even better

When we finished our new treated wood deck, it looked so nice that we almost didn’t want to stain it. Glad we did as it looks even better (and is much better protected). We used one coat of the Brown Sugar color. The Timber Oil applied easily with brush and staining pad, and cleaned off

Susan Zingaro
October 9, 2020

My Ipe Wood Front Porch Looks Like New

I purchased the complete hard wood deck restoration kit (Kit-HW, Amaretto) for my Ipe deck. All 3 parts worked as promised. The grayness wiped away, the brightener worked great and the finished stain looks incredible. My deck looks like new.

Jeff Rutowski
October 5, 2020

This is the real deal

The Timber Oil in the Brown Sugar was just what I was looking for. My wife and I were very unhappy with the looks of our 10′ x 62′ front porch. After 2 or 3 coats of stain/sealer combo over the last 10 years from the big box stores, you couldn’t see any of the

Steve Hissong
October 6, 2020

Great Product, easy to work with.

Installed new 12 x 12 deck using pressure treated pine. Waited 6 weeks and stained using Timber Oil Warm Honey Gold. The deck has railings on 2 sides and is 1 step up from lawn (small side curtains). Applied using 4 inch roller with 3/4 knap. The project used less than a gallon. Very easy

Richard Ham
October 1, 2020

Arrived timely; great stuff!!!

Arrived timely; great stuff!!!

Robert McKee
October 1, 2020

Great Look

We used the Timber Oil products and our deck came out beautiful. The brown sugar stain looks very close to the color of wet cedar. We liked the look best after 2 coats.

Laura Frisch
September 24, 2020

Great Product

Very satisfied with ease of application and resulting color. Definitely much better than the box store options that I have used previously. Very good penetration .

Ronald Nedley
September 26, 2020

Wonderful Product; Would Highly Recommend to Anyone!

Great product! After using acrylic stain that just “sat” on top of the wood and peeled within a year, I was tired of having to to redo my deck every year!! I searched for a new product and found Woodrich! LOVE IT!!! It rejuvenated my old wood deck,…, actually seemed like it “fed” the wood,

Dana L Vacca
September 28, 2020


Best I have ever used, went down perfectly!

Patrick Kehoe
September 21, 2020


The HD80 and Citralic combination has restored our cedar home to like new condition. The previous owners built the home and never cleaned it, only adding stain over the last 30 years. This combination of products has rejuvenated the cedar siding to like new condition… leaving us with our jaw dropping every time we finish

Clay Whitaker
September 20, 2020

Good stuff

We have used the timber oil for years now. We have used it on the deck multiple times and also on wood shingle accent siding.
Never had any peeling with this product and our 20 year old deck drinks it right up. When it first goes on it looks quite patchy (it is 20

Annette Cook
September 8, 2020

Good product

Finished the 20+ year old deck! Sanded it all down then stained with your western cedar color Timber Oil stain. It looks really good. Thanks for a good product. Now we will wait and see how it stands up to Illinois weather.

Angela D Errion
September 4, 2020

Great product

I ordered the EFC38 & Citralic – Complete Wood Cleaning & Restoration Kit, because I wanted something that wasn’t toxic to use near my vegetable garden and fruit trees,. I didn’t have a pressure washer, instead I used a deck brush, the “jet” option on my garden hose head, and some elbow grease. The cleaner

Ryder Diaz
August 22, 2020

Fence sprayed with Timber Oil Signature Brown

Awesome product, went really far with the nice deep brown color. Truly is fool-proof with overlaps and runs, it just soaks right in and stain level evens out. Customers were beyond satisfied with their natural looking protected deck.

Legacy Services
August 21, 2020

great stain stripper

I’ve used the HD stripper now on two major deck refinishing jobs, and it’s fabulous. Takes the old stain and gray weathered, dirty top surface right off but leaves the wood in great shape for new finishing. Hasn’t seemed to harm any surrounding shrubs or grass, even if we don’t cover them. The power washing

David Nerenz
August 21, 2020

Deck refinished with Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain – Western Cedar

I like the stain we purchased. It is very forgiving – if you get a spot of stain on the wood and don’t notice it, you aren’t stuck with a “stain spot”. The stain appears to level itself out and you don’t end up with a stain spot messing up your new stained deck. Our

Angela Errion
August 21, 2020

Easy to use stain

I used Amaretto Timber oil stain on both a wood door and on the timbers of a porch cover. Very easy to use product. No concerns about streaking, no worry about darker patches when I do a touch up of a spot I damaged, doesn’t have quick difficult drying. Very happy with this product and

Brent Robinett
August 20, 2020


I’m so impressed with these products they are truly awesome. The HD stripper is so effective it made my deck look like new. This is really a product that works as represented.

Joseph Rossi
August 20, 2020

Awesome product

Resurfaced our deck with new cedar boards. We used Woodrich Timber oil in brown sugar. Very easy to apply and looks awesome.

Mark Blasier
August 17, 2020

Excellent results as always

Amaretto Timber Oil stain
I love this stain as it always goes on so easily on pressure treated pine. Make sure you apply at least two coats for the prettiest deck you’ll ever have. At first it looks dark brown, but after a few weeks, it lightens to a red cedar appearance. Make sure

Jim Bower
August 16, 2020

Beautiful Results!

After cleaning and prepping our IPE dock, we finally had some dry weather to begin staining. We chose Hardwood Wiping Stain in Amaretto after speaking with the professionals at Woodrich. We ordered according to square footage on dock plans. According to recommendations, 2 gallons should have covered, but they suggested we order 3 to be

Clare Wade
August 12, 2020

Great product!

These products do exactly what they claim. I used the hardwood stripper (EFC-38) and neutralizer (Citralic) then applied the stain (Hardwood Wiping Stain). So easy to work with and looks beautiful!

August 12, 2020

Beautiful Color!

We picked the darkest stain for our new outdoor steps. Easy to apply, beautiful color – very happy with the finished product.

Johannes Boer
August 7, 2020

Made our Cedar Split Rail Fence really stand out!

Used Cabot on previous sections of our fence and it stayed sticky for weeks. This product is (so far) better than anything we’ve used previously. This soaked into the wood quite nicely and left a beautiful color (We used the Timber Oil Amaretto). After application it is exactly as described – a beautiful warm and

Brian & Patty McManness
August 9, 2020

Excellent Product

Signature Brown was the Timber Oil stain color we used which turned out great. We needed a non-yellow color to coordinate with our house color. The samples were very helpful in deciding which color to choose. Russell was very helpful by allowing us to text him pictures related to our questions. The only downside, if

Jim Anderson
August 9, 2020

Almost back to new!

We purchased the Complete Wood Cleaning and Restoration Kit for the deck at our mountain house. After 12 years of little to no attention it was looking quite sad. We followed the directions on the kit and our deck looks so much better. And it wasn’t a back breaking experience at all. We choose not

Debbie Starnes
August 3, 2020

Sample kit

I tried the timber oil sample kit 4 definition colors. I use it on home made walking sticks. Love it warm rich colors. 5 Stars for this Customer. Thank you ,Woodrich!

David Hecker
August 1, 2020

Great product–will use again when needed.

Deck size 12×24′ Coverage as specified. However 3 heavy coats were required to give the desired effect on pressure treated pine.

George Riedmuller
July 11, 2020

Great Product and Service

I purchased a Timber Oil sample kit to determine the right color choice for our new cedar deck. The kit arrived on time and was perfect for us to make our selection. I ordered the brown sugar, it arrived quickly went on very uniform and gave us the finish we wanted. In addition to an

John Guidone
July 12, 2020

gets better with age

I have used brown sugar timber oil on hemlock siding a few years ago. After power washing the cabin this summer, the water still beaded up but I thought it would be prudent to add another coat. I bought the kit and followed the directions. The second application of brown sugar has really made the

Philip Gruszka
July 14, 2020


I built my deck over 35 years ago using arsenic treated lumber and have used a variety of cleaners and sealers. This product is by far the best I have used. I ordered it one evening and it arrived the next day. The deck was very dirty so it took awhile, but I followed instructions

Roger Harting
June 26, 2020

Stain is just the right

Stain is just the right thickness and was easy to apply with a deck staining mitt. Come in a plastic jug rather than a metal can so pours out easily with no mess. Color looks great! Would definitely buy again.

June 28, 2020

Super Easy

I was really dreading doing my 20′ x 15′ deck, two 10′ x 6′ tanning beds and 3 chairs. They all turned out looking great with a lot of compliments from people. All items were really weathered bad. Woodrich went on easy and the wood really soaked it up. Everything looks new once again.

Phil Voegeli
June 29, 2020

Excellent from product to shipping…

Great product and great service…..fast,friendly! I will forever be a fan!

Gina Comfort
July 1, 2020

Great customer service and product

Your customer service is excellent. From the first photo send about our project to the support of the final steps. The recommendations to what cleaner/stripper to use was so helpful. The stain itself was great to brush on and it had excellent coverage.

Dennis Sailer
June 14, 2020

Use this

If you would buy any other product you are wasting your money. Simply the best. When the decking needs more care, I think about three years between treatments will do, this is what I will use…..nothing more needs said. The unchallenged best and easiest to work with.

Mark Elliott
June 12, 2020

BEST Low VOC Oil-based Stain & Service!

After searching high and low for the best oil-based stain for our new redwood deck two years ago, we found the Woodrich Brand. We were told oil-based is better than water-based, but we live in CA, so we are limited in what we are allowed to buy. After applying Amaretto to our new (but aged

Lisa Engle
June 8, 2020

Brown Sugar Timber Oil

Great product and simple to use. First time staining new pressure treated pine deck. Would have liked to see color be a little darker brown, as it ended up a little more orange than I would have liked due to the wood, but love being able to still see the wood grain. Customer service was

June 8, 2020

Great product

Fantastic seller, lots of advice and very approachable. Love this product not only is it diy friendly to use, but the fact that you can formulate to achieve your end preferred color is amazing. Have place order, after using test kit.
Love this product and customer care is ?.

Fernanda costa
May 15, 2020

Great product

This was our second year using timber oil. The brown sugar color is great. The deck is Alaskan cedar. The product is easy to work with and is very consistent. The company ships fast. Lynn

Lynn Miller
May 19, 2020


Great product – great website. We completed our first deck-staining project using your deck restoration kit. All the videos and instructions made everything go fairly smooth for first timers. Deck looks great and is now protected.

T Levinson
May 30, 2020

Western Cedar Stain

We read many of the reviews on this product and others before deciding to go with this stain. We have now stained our very large deck and our back fence on both sides by hand. It was a huge undertaking and I just finished yesterday. We used 25 gallons of stain and it is beautiful.

Kathy Johnson
May 30, 2020

Power washed and stained 20

Power washed and stained 20 yr old pressure treated yellow pine deck. Stained easily and looks great, but you can not replace any pieces as they will stain completely different. We replaced the top of the railing with a new board and so it looks like a two tone stain job, but we even liked

May 24, 2020

“Stuff worked great on a garage door stripping. Had to dwell a little longer than directions, probably because it’s a vertical surface, but just tested an area to start stripping to ensure dwell was long enough. Followed up with the brightener, which really blighted the door backup.”

Avid Reader
June 5, 2019

“great seller, great product”

G. Johnson
May 25, 2019

“Product was as described. Worked great and was easier than I thought it would be.”

June A Glace
May 6, 2019

“Product arrived well packaged and on time. Stripper and brightener exactly what I needed. Have leftover for future use and have an 800 sq. ft deck.”

Joe S.
April 9, 2019

“Looks good. Was shipped well. The packaging was very secure. Can’t wait to use it!”

April 8, 2019

“Used this product last year and was very satisfied. Hopefull, will be this year, too”

February 21, 2019

“Arrived on time and in good condition”

December 23, 2018

“Great sample pack. I will be trying all the stains shortly.”

November 20, 2018

“worked as described. It did a good job.”

Rick Bastin
November 19, 2018


October 26, 2018

“Great stuff! Made my siding look new!”

October 23, 2018

“Not very good quality when applied. Did not work to have a good idea of the color or tint for our project.”

Jim S
September 23, 2018

“A good product. Was trying to remove Thompson’s water seal. Significant success but not completely. Trying a second round. Product not really designed for this application.”

Amazon Customer
September 23, 2018

This was the best purchase I could have made to seal my new cedar bench.

John E Butler
September 20, 2018

“Worked like a charm but definitely need to heed the proper gear portion on step 2.”

August 11, 2018

“Not yet used this year but has been great in past years”

July 25, 2018

“Easy transaction”

July 19, 2018

“Very happy with seller and the product”

Patrick A McWilliams
July 19, 2018

“Awesome experience. Would purchase again when the time comes.”

July 13, 2018

“Total waste of time and money, I have Behr redwood stain on my deck, this product did absolutely zero to remove even a speck of stain fron my deck. It may strip…”

July 8, 2018

“Excellent, on time, as described.”

July 2, 2018

“I’ve used every brand of stain on the market for my cedar deck and this is the only stain that penetrated the wood for lasting protection. The color Brown Sugar color is a little bit darker than the actual unstained cedar and looks fantastic. Russell in customer care really was helpful.”

Amazon Customer
June 13, 2018

“These r very good way to see if u like the product thanks”

Daniel L
June 13, 2018

“The product did not work that well on my dock.”

Paul F.
June 9, 2018

“So far we love the product.”

Lady Jane
June 2, 2018

“Second year that I have used this product to clean and brighten my deck. Great results.”

May 16, 2018

“Love the color. Will wait to see if it lasts the length of time everyone elses lasted. Amazon shipping was terrible.”

May 6, 2018


Josue A.
May 5, 2018

“Explained in detail the best way to utilize the product. Many compliments on the way my house turned out. I am extremely pleased”

Doc Brown
May 5, 2018

“Samples of the stains two looked almost the same color other than a different name on the bottle. Also one stain did not even look like I had stained the Popsic…”

Trudy Harper
April 5, 2018

“good service, very satisfied.”

Terry Fowler
February 26, 2018

“great product and company. Had a question about my project, contacted them, within minutes a project support person answered and guide me through the best way t…”

January 18, 2018

“Great products”

Lew Merletti
November 30, 2017

“I didn’t particularly like the color I had chosen, after contacting the seller an easy swap out was made. Also, the amount of information I received from them…”

Doc Brown
November 16, 2017

“I didn’t particularly like the color I had chosen, after contacting the seller an easy swap out was made. Also, the amount of information I received from them…”

Amazon Customer
September 21, 2017

“The product was excellent and I would recommend it.”

Terese Clusiau
September 16, 2017

“Hi folks, so this one arrived with what appears to be seepage around the top of the container. In fact about a quarter of the contents had seeped out – appears…”

Niclas Travelle
September 15, 2017

“It was very helpful!”

September 5, 2017

“Excellent Communication”

Amazon Customer
August 23, 2017

“Order came in timely manner and the product itself is top-nothch.”

Carl L. Young III
August 23, 2017

“Excellent Communication”

Amazon Customer
August 22, 2017

“very fast shipping, have not used product yet but due to excellent reviews sure it will work as described.”

August 17, 2017

“fast shiping thak u”

Amazon Customer
August 17, 2017

“fast shiping thak u”

Amazon Customer
August 17, 2017

“All perfect! Great Stain!”

Frank L. Columbo
July 6, 2017

“It is the best stain/ sealer I’ve ever used. I can’t say enough, I will use it for all things wooden.”

Laurence G.
July 4, 2017

Great Product!

Vince Vandiver
June 28, 2017

“While the products do an excellent job of getting most of the gray, weathered look off of the Brazilian hardwood steps I used it on, the brightener did not “…”

June 26, 2017

“Received high quality stain samples. Plenty of each stain to use in several areas to make help decide which color you like. The company contacted me after purchasing to make sure I was satisfied. They also answered several questions promptly.”

Amazon Customer
June 18, 2017

“This is by far the best stain I’ve ever used. It goes on smooth and gives a great look. I’ve also used the wiping stain on my Ipe deck and friends have asked if it’s a new deck. It looks like flooring in your house. Really draws the grain of the wood out. I’ll never

Thomas McGrath
June 14, 2017

“This is without a doubt the best stripper on the market. I was able to strip 400 sq ft in 4.5 hours. The cost per sq ft was so low compared to the strippers available at the big box stores, and it’s incredibly efficient.”

Amazon Customer
June 10, 2017

“Excellent seller! Thank you! Highly recommend:)))”

Sylwia Gryc
May 20, 2017

“This is without a doubt the best deck stripper cleaner I have ever used. I will defiantly use this product again.”

May 14, 2017

“All Perfect TY!”

Frank L. Columbo
May 14, 2017

“This product was a huge disappointment. Saw several good reviews online before I purchased. However, when used as directed this past weekend, the results were no better than just using a power washer alone.”

May 12, 2017

“Great sample pack of colors. Apply well and easy to try out before wasting money on another large can of stain that just wasn’t the color I hoped for.”

Jaymes Richardson
May 3, 2017

“Actually sent 5 2# containers making it more convenient to mix, store and use. Great seller, fast shipping.”

Buying Frenzy
April 17, 2017

“Quick ship and delivery. Product overall works good, but you really have to work at it with a strong pressure washer to get the paint/stain to come up. I still ended up having to sand my deck to remove the stain in some spots and all over the railing, but it did help get 50%

Sherry Lira
April 11, 2017


Staff Sgt. Max Fightmaster
March 7, 2017

“This is an excellent product which arrived VERY quickly. I have yet to use it, but it gets rave reviews and is perfect for smaller projects.”

March 2, 2017

“Stripper worked great. Same performance as Sherman Williams NaOH base product but at a fraction of cost. Did not see much happen with Citralic brightener on the 17 year old pine I stripped. I just purchased some stain from Woodrich that will go on this week.”

February 19, 2017

“This is the best product since sliced bread. It worked fast and efficiently. Didn’t harm planys at all. I strongly reccomend this product”

February 5, 2017

Smooth transaction and the seller shipped the item very promptly. The item was well packaged and all items were in a factory sealed box. Great seller!

November 21, 2016

“worked great!”

October 19, 2016

“Good Seller”

Jerry L. Voigt
October 14, 2016

“These samples are great. Can’t wait to order full size stains for my wood-crafts.”

stephanie collins
September 26, 2016

“Truly amazing”

Dino Trakakis
September 25, 2016

“Worked great on our deck. Spread easily, worked great with sprayer. Winter will tell me more, but so far, so good, and we get lots of rain here in the PNW.”

Christine D. Stephens
September 22, 2016

“Fantastic seller”

September 22, 2016

“Package arrived in good shape and on time.”

R.D. Janus
September 3, 2016

“Nice product. Easy to apply. Looks great.”

Diane M. Evans
September 3, 2016

“Works great!!!!!”

August 18, 2016

“Product was as advertised. Did a good cleaning and brightening. Be sure to mix well.”

August 10, 2016

“Wonderfully helpful seller. The customer service alone makes them worth buying from.”

Kris H.
August 7, 2016

“Very nice color sample set., but I would actually prefer twice as many colors and 1/2 the size. Nice concept and good execution though…I wish all stain companies would do this”

Rob Brandt
August 6, 2016

“Part of the shipment never arrived. It is shown to be in a UPS distribution center. However, the seller was very good about shipping out product immediately t…”

Dave B
August 2, 2016

“The seller walked me through every step of the purchasing AND the product application processes. He is attentive, knowledgeable and doesn’t hesitate to extend a helping hand. This is by far the best seller that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with on amazon. Outstanding customer service. A++++++”

Kris H.
July 25, 2016

“Arrived quickly and as described.”

July 20, 2016

“Sellers description was accurate and estimated delivery was right on.”

E. Edward Schaeffer
July 11, 2016

“Error on computer…they refunded on the same day, super awesome company!”

June 30, 2016

“Great product! Quick Shipping!”

June 21, 2016

“Product works great”

June 19, 2016

“Received product on time and it worked great”

June 12, 2016

“Arrived early on 5/27. I would order from this seller again”

Kay Amemiya
May 25, 2016

“Super-fast delivery; thank you VERY much!”

May 6, 2016

“Arrived on time, was as advertised.”

April 16, 2016

“Very impressed with this product.”

March 8, 2016

“Delivery was very quick.”

October 5, 2015