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Customers visit us for one of three reasons. To make your life easier, get started by choosing one of these wood restoration goals below.

Preserve & Protect New Wood

You should preserve and protect the new wood as soon as possible. If left untreated, your new wood is vulnerable to UV damage, mold, mildew, and weathering.

Restore & Protect Weathered Wood

No matter how old or neglected, all exterior wood can be restored and protected. Our project kits include stain, wood cleaner, and wood brightener. Make your gray weathered deck, fence, siding, or log cabin look like new again!

Strip Old Wood Stain or Finish

Your go-to solution for revitalizing tired wood surfaces. Ideal for removing existing semi-transparent and solid deck stains, our specially formulated stripper effectively eliminates most exterior wood finishes, preparing your wood for a fresh start.  


Woodrich Brand has formulas specifically suited to protecting new construction. Many product manufacturers or even tradesmen will tell you that wood “needs to weather for several months outside before it can be treated.” This is simply not true. It is true that many finishes will fail quickly after being applied to “new wood” but that is not the wood’s fault, it is because the finish is not formulated for this type of application.

If you want to be proactive in protecting your wood from the start, we have solutions for exotic hardwoods, such as Ipe and Garapa, as well as domestic softwoods, like cedar and redwood.

Exotic hardwood

Examples: Ipe, Garapa, Cambara, Teak, and Mahogany


Examples: Cedar, Pine, and Redwood



If your wood is weathered and has turned silver or gray over time, it can easily be restored to a like new, fresh cut appearance with our restoration kits. This process is safe and equally effective for restoring outdoor wood furniture, decks, fences, wood sided homes and log cabins.




strip an existing stain or finish

It is important to get the wood stripper that gets the job done, with the least amount of power necessary. A mild stripper can perform most tough jobs, while our heavy duty stripper can tackle any failed finish, gray weathered wood, dirt, grime, mold or mildew.  The key is to choose the stripper that gets the job done while keeping the wood as fresh as possible. We offer a sample kit to test which stripping power is right for your wood restoration project. 

We want to bring innovation

Woodrich Brand is employee owned and operated. We are not a publicly traded company. We are not beholden to shareholders demanding ever increasing profits at the expense of quality.

Each of the products in our wood restoration and preservation lines was created for our own contracting company. We didn’t set out to formulate the most profitable products. We set out to create the most effective and predictable solutions possible.

When it comes to selling our products, your success is our mission! Our goal is not to simply sell you product, but to have your entire project exceed your expectations. Quality products are a huge part of that, however, we recognize that dedicated support is mandatory, which is why we are here for you every step of the way!

When you call our Project Support Hotline, you will speak directly to a seasoned wood restoration professional, who will gladly walk you through any question or problem you may have. Don’t forget to leave us a comment or review of how your project went, as well as, following our blog and social medias to get promotions, tips, and valuable knowledge!


What they say

Woodrich Oil Stains Hit the Mark

Local products were not meeting our needs. We had used other types of stains in the past, some were good, but as often happen, products become unavailable. We are general contractors, with experience in all phases of construction. Including heavy equipment, which for this application, a new wood plank equipment trailer treatment. Several coats when

Reed Fitzpatrick

Perfect every time!

I was new to Timber Oil 3 years ago and will use it for evermore, it’s a flawless system,

Barbara Hurd

revived old decking beautifully!

I have 2 decks that get hit by harsh western sun and were under plastic turf for 30 years. After hours of sanding rug glue off the boards, I used the restoration kit, followed by 2 coats of stain, 5 days apart last summer. The decks look fantastic! And when it rains, the rain beads

Jessica Kagele

multiple return customer

So glad I found this stain years ago, and the amaretto is the best for cedar and pressure treated. I will always use this product because everything else is junk in comparison. Great customer service

Jim Bower

customer service OUTSTANDING!

….decided to call company to have some questions answered–so very, Very, VERY HELPFUL, THUROUGH, CLEAR & FRIENDLY:)! That made HUGE difference for me, as so Many do NOT have good customer care–or i question their accuracy!! The Woodrich folks’ shipping was Prompt and Accurate also and “as specially safely as requested”. (when buying look for

Pat Sauer

Like new

My home was built in the Civil War the fence that surrounds the pool looked that old also I was going to replace because it was so old and looked so terrible, I can’t say enough about the product, the fence now looks brand new. The stain soaked through wherever there was a nail hole,

Jackie Lynch

Super Products across the board

I have used all of Woodrich’s products on my deck since we built our home in 2013. They all work excellent in prepping, and the stain is spectacular. We have two good-sized decks and the results on both are splendid. I would advise any homeowner to start with Woodrich and stay with Woodrich for excellent

David A Toops

HD-80 actually worked!

HD-80 did strip two layers of solid stain from my 11-year old deck. It worked really well. The customer service is also top-notch. I surely will order again next

Chiren Shyu

Outstanding products and service

I discovered these products and company last year following a lot of research. The Timber oil is remarkably forgiving and easy to use and gives a gorgeous finish. The products that remove previous finishes are equally as good as the oil. All that is eclipsed however by the outstanding quality of the customer service I

Chuck Goss

Washed the fence this weekend

I used your products to wash my fence this weekend and I am totally pleased with the results. The cleaner was able to take the gray areas off and it also took away the water stains on the fence. The brightener was the icing on the cake. I also played around with my neighbor’s fence

Blue LeBlanc

Great product! Works as advertised!

Product works great! Stripping 3 coats (over 30yrs) of stain from my log home. 20-30mins of dwell time for the hd80 seems to be the sweet spot for my application. Then hit it with the pressure washer. Commercial grade stuff! Citralic doesn’t take much work at all. Spray on, quick brush, then rinse off. Very

Nathan E. Smith

Best cleaner and stain ever!

The EFC-38 cleaner and Citralic brightener do an amazing job with very little effort. The surface is a near perfect preparation for staining. I did my deck two years ago and that experience guaranteed that I would only use Woolrich for my cedar fence, and I ordered enough product to redo my redwood deck. I

Mark Dolan

good stuff!!!

i have used their timber oil for many different projects, and it did a great job on every one. great for treated lumber decks. even great to treat old hickory chairs and make them look great again. turns water like a ducks back! good

edward truett

Best stuff ever for my deck!

Best because it it is an oil based product that penitrates deep into the wood, not a water based product that washes away with the rain and snow. I’m retreating it every other year whether it looks like it needs it or not, lots cheaper than replacing the deck. I spray it on with a

Steve Edwards


This is a 4 year old pressure treated pine deck.  We had removed the old semi transparent stain in spring of 2020 and did first coat of Timber Oil Brown Sugar.  I decided to put the 2nd coat on this year Spring of 2021 and I’m thrilled with results.  Color is a little richer.  I’m


I was very impressed with this product. I stain a lot of fences and decks and the fact that I didn’t have to back roll after spraying says a lot! It lays very smooth and the color is phenomenal. Great

David St. James Jr

Fabulous as always! Return Customer!

Super product! Super Service!! Will be a customer

dana L vacca

Fantastic product for many wood stripping applications

This product made my life much easier. I used it to strip my mahogany front door and the frame of a mirror. All I needed to do was sand the wood when it was dry and apply

Robin hutnik

Great product/Great Service

This is a very solid product. It goes on easily and looks great. The customer service was also above and beyond the normal experience of current day companies. I highly recommend this company and this

Derek Jones

Made a deck stripping project easy

I was dreading stripping my deck but it was looking nasty. I read good things about this product. It was more expensive than some of the others but worth every cent in my opinion. I sprayed on the stripper and then power washed it off. I wasn’t expecting the old tinted water sealer to come

Jon Cross

Great as always.

I have used your products for over seven years now with excellent results. I highly recommend your entire

David A Toops

Keep using every year

Our family just loves the finished look on our cedar decks using the Western Cedar stain. It is easy to apply , and looks great. We totally recommend this product for

Doug Sanders

Best deck oil on the market

We’ve used this for over 10 years. It’s easy to apply, not very messy or drippy if you use lambs wool applicator. We even went three years in between oiling this year, and the deck still looks new after we applied this. We love the brown sugar, it’s a beautiful, light brown, honey, colored. We

Audrey S

Exceptional deck stain

This product is new to me and was requested by a builder of my two decks to use a stain to penatrate the wood. It turned out very nice and will be using this when again

mark hildebrand

Just what I wanted

I applied the honey brown to a new pressure treated pine deck that is enclosed. I waited about a month after the deck was built and used a cleaner from home depot. Initially I was going to use a deck pad to apply the stain but wasn’t getting really good results, so I just went

T. Parikh

The rave reviews are correct

I have used Olympic Deck Cleaner for decades and sworn by it, but now after 30 years Lowe’s has dumped Olympic in favor of Valspar, so I decided to try the canister of HD-80 that’s been sitting around… Wow. Until this use, I rolled my eyes at Woodrich’s claims that HD-80 strips old deck sealer.


Super easy, worked great, and a fair price!

I decided to try a small triangular section of my twenty-two-year-old deck to see how this stuff worked. I probably had three or four coats of Behr stain that I needed to remove. I used the dosage it called for and soaked it with a garden sprayer as directed for 15 minutes. Since it was

Emma Customer


Goes on very smooth and even out of a regular pump sprayer. Great penetration too ! Exactly what I was looking for in the amaretto color. Looks fabulous and we get a ton of compliments. Love the customer support as

Patrick Kehoe

Nothing better on the market!

This is the only oil based stain product we will ever use. Easy. No lap marks. Used the product for the first time one year ago. Great coverage and has

Nancy Russ

Very pleased

Purchased a gallon 3 years ago to apply to our front door after I removed the pealing varnish. Twice a year I do another coating and our front door looks great. So much better than varnish. Just purchased another gallon for another project I have on the

Bob Walker

Fabulous product!!

I have used so many products over the years that promised to be the best only to be disappointed. This company will forever be my go to. Customer service is great and I love my deck and ease of application. My deck is just pine and I used Signature Brown they suggested when I called

Judy Stetten

Warm Honey Gold

The warm honey gold is a natural look. I’m extremely impressed with this product. I’ve used it on my new deck twice in the last 22 months. The quality is phenomenal! The Timber Oil product spreads evenly throughout. I highly recommend this

Eric Roberts

Best ever!!

We have been using a large namebrand sealant and stain for years. Every year we had to completely redo what we had done the year before and it got really old. By mid summer, the stain had faded horribly and the water repellency was gone. We put this on last summer and everywhere it was

Jackie Stevens

Great Service and Fast Delivery

We had great service and fast delivery of product. Good company and good

Jim Berger

Success Stories

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