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Discover the natural beauty and durability of your hardwood siding, deck, or fence with Woodrich Brand’s Project Restoration Kits. Our high-quality wood care products are tailored for specific wood types, ensuring your cedar gets the right treatment. Our kits embody eco-friendly and sustainable wood care, from cleansing with our powerful EFC-38 Wood Cleaner to enhancing the wood’s natural beauty with our Timber Oil Stain. Each product reflects our dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility, leading to an eco-friendly home refurbishment.

Why Choose Woodrich Product Kits?

Tailored Care: Each kit is designed for cedar wood’s specific needs, ensuring top-notch treatment and protection.
Eco-Friendly: Woodrich stands out with environmentally sustainable products that are perfect for eco-conscious consumers.
DIY Ease: Clear, simple instructions let you achieve professional wood care at home.
Lasting Beauty and Protection: Our products offer long-term defense against the elements, enhancing the wood’s natural beauty.
Versatile: Ideal for all cedar areas, from your log cabin’s facade to indoor surfaces.

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