February 9

Tigerwood Decking – Clean – Stain – Restoration

Tigerwood decking is made from another exotic hardwood that is desirable for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. This Tigerwood Deck was in need of a light restoration, also called a maintenance clean and stain. The contractor chosen to care for this lovely space is Carolina ProWash LLC.

Cleaning Tigerwood

The deck was thoroughly cleaned using Woodrich Brand cleaner EFC-38 followed by Woodrich Brand Citralic to neutralize and brighten the wood. Even though Tigerwood is a hardwood, it is important to note that low pressure but high flow was used to clean the deck properly and not damage the softer lines.

Damp tigerwood deck. Photo compliment of Carolina ProWash LLC.

The deck was left for approximately 48 hours to dry before a light buffing was performed.  Cleaning can cause loose wood fibers to detach and give the wood a furry look.  Hardwood fibers in particular, if left, turn into painful splinters.

Tigerwood Deck Stain

Because of the sunlight, this deck is exposed to, a quality oil stain, Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Stain, was applied.  The application method was to spray down a saturating coat of stain with a sprayer.  The product was then worked into the wood with a pad or hand rubbed with a soft cloth.

Due to the cleaning and preparation methods and quality of products installed on this tigerwood decking, it will look beautiful for years.

If you have an exotic wood deck, like this Tigerwood deck and want to keep it looking its best, visit our store for all of your tigerwood deck stain needs. If you have questions, please call to speak to one of our Project Support Team @ 636-288-8512.  You can also find us on Facebook!


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