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Stained Oak Wine Barrels for Upcycling in Tombstone, AZ

Look at these gorgeous stained oak wine barrels for upcycling! The craftsman Matt has a store that creates all kinds of décor and functional furniture. 

Matt’s store Rustic Burro is located in Tombstone, AZ, where the team gives a stylish second life to retired whiskey and wine barrels. It is great to see the natural beauty of the wood be restored and these striking oak barrels be saved from being wasted. 

Before: Oak Wine Barrel

before picture of stained oak wine barrels
“Lightly used” and ready to restore!

Matt works with authentic wine barrels, which is why the one in this picture is so banged up and faded. Not all the signs of use can be eliminated, but that is certainly a part of the rustic charm. 

Because Matt sees a lot of hardwood barrels like these, he knows that to last a long time, oak needs a deep, penetrating stain to shield it from the hot Arizona sun. Hardwoods like oak are dense and strong, but it can still be undone by UV rays, moisture, rot, or insect damage. 

After: Stained Oak Wine Barrels for Upcycling

stained oak wine barrels
Natural oak grain, stained Honey Gold. Looking warm and beautiful in the hot Phoenix sun.

The Rustic Burro staff told us they tried several of the leading oil-based stains on their barrels. We are pleased to hear that Matt says Woodrich Brand is his favorite option. Because so much of Rustic Burro’s work ends up in gardens or on patios, a high-quality stain is even more important. 

Our Hardwood Wiping Stain can last an incredibly long time, thanks to our formula that goes on easy and rich, penetrating deep into the wood. The unique transoxide pigmentation also offers the superior UV protection that these stained oak wine barrels deserve.

You can see in the after photo how the stain gives a warm glow back to the oak, highlighting the natural grain of the wood. This stained oak wine barrel looks amazing after just one coat of the Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Stain, and we can’t wait to see what Matt creates out of it. 

How to Do It Yourself: Staining Oak Barrels

You don’t have to be a professional woodworker like Matt to use our Hardwood Wiping Stain; it goes on in one quick and easy coat. Simply roll, brush or spray it on, and then wipe away any excess with a dry rag to reveal a gorgeous finish. Defending your wood from the elements and corrosive forces 

Doing your own oak barrel restoration project? You don’t even have to tape off or remove the metal rings on your barrels – simply wipe them down afterward with a dry rag.

It looks like Matt chose the Honey Gold color for this barrel, but the condition and qualities of each piece of wood can result in a unique result. You may want to test out the different colors for yourself, or just want to see how easy the stain is to use. We offer a Wiping Stain Sample Color Kit so you can see the results on your specific wood. For very small projects, there might even be enough stain in the sample to complete it. 

Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Stain is now their go-to choice for finishing their retired oak wine barrels. We appreciate Rustic Burro for recommending Woodrich Brand to all of their customers. Thanks, Matt!

If you want to see more of Matt’s creations, check out the Rustic Burro Instagram account. It is also a great place to get inspiration for your own DIY projects.

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