August 24

Simplify Your Wood Maintenance with Woodrich Brand Clear Advantage


Preserving the beauty and durability of exterior wood structures has always been a time-consuming and often daunting task for homeowners and professionals alike. Now, with the introduction of Woodrich Brand Clear Advantage, maintaining the vibrant appearance and protective finish of your wood is about to become a whole lot easier.

Created with a deep understanding of wood care needs, Clear Advantage is a versatile sealer that can be used as a stand-alone product or as a topcoat to extend the life of pigmented stains and sealers. The added flexibility and performance of this innovative product will take your woodcare routine to the next level, providing a clear advantage over traditional methods.

Clear Advantage also offers a unique solution for those who prefer the natural, weathered appearance of their wood. As sun exposure gradually bleaches the wood’s natural colors, a lovely grey or silver patina develops. While this look is aesthetically pleasing, the wood still requires protection from moisture, rot, and infestations of mold and mildew. Clear Advantage provides this essential protection without altering the appearance of your wood.

Beyond its protective properties, Clear Advantage offers incredible versatility. For those with a creative flair, the product can be blended with any Woodrich Brand Timber Oil color, producing an infinite array of tints and half-tones. This flexibility allows you to customize a color that perfectly complements your home or project.

Using Clear Advantage is a worry-free experience. As a clear finish, it is easier to apply, and cleanup is much simpler compared to pigmented products. The masking process is less critical, and any stray sealer can be effortlessly wiped from adjacent surfaces before it dries. Moreover, when used as a topcoat, the application is rapid as you don’t have to wait for the finish to fully absorb into the wood, saving you time and reducing product usage.

At a technical level, Clear Advantage works by soaking into the wood, occupying all available space, leaving no room for water intrusion. When applied over an existing stain, it not only revitalizes the oxidized surface but also protects the pigment, thereby extending the life of your finish.

Designed to be used across all wood types, Clear Advantage fits seamlessly into your exterior wood care routine. It is the ideal maintenance product to use after a Woodrich Brand stain has been applied, saving you from the heavy cleaning or stripping activities so often required with traditional wood care methods.

With Clear Advantage, you can easily add a few years to an existing finish that has begun to fade. And should you have any questions about using this transformative product, the Woodrich Brand project support line is ready and willing to help.

Experience how much easier, faster, and less frustrating your exterior wood maintenance can be with Woodrich Brand Clear Advantage. Don’t just preserve your wood; enhance it with Clear Advantage.


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