Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain – 1 Gallon – Covers up to 150 SQ FT

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Our Woodrich Brand Deep Penetrating Timber Oil Wood Stain 1 Gallon covers up to 150 square feet of wood. This stain is extremely easy to apply, whether you are a DIY homeowner or contractor. It is an ideal choice for staining new cedar or pressure treated pine decks, fences, wood siding, or log cabins. First-time users can expect perfect results as well. It will not overlap, run, or leave drip marks because it dives deep to replenish old and dry wood. It can also be applied to new wood and is loaded with trans-oxide pigments which provides much better coverage than other paraffinic stains. Even those who have never worked with wood before can achieve a beautiful finish with this easy-to-use product.

Product Includes

  • 1 Gallon Woodrich Brand Timber Oil Stain


If you have questions or need help with your wood restoration project, you can count on Woodrich Brand to provide outstanding professional personalized support by calling us @ 636-288-8512 or emailing support@woodrichbrand.com as well. Also, you can visit our gallery or forum for tips, creative ideas, and support from the Woodrich Brand community.

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Amaretto, Brown Sugar, Warm Honey Gold, Western Cedar

20 reviews for Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain – 1 Gallon – Covers up to 150 SQ FT

  1. Robert Crow

    The shipment as fast. Currently working on the staining. I did the railing first, it looks great. Will finish the decking later today.

  2. Jon Harkleroad

    Very easy to apply. Good color.

  3. Sheri

    This was my first time staining a deck and it couldn’t have been easier. Used a Wagner air sprayer and backbrushed immediately after spraying. I was afraid of the drips I made on the stairs while doing the raills but I just sprayed the stairs and backbrushed, and the drips disappeared! I wanted a stain that matched the hardwood floors inside my house and Amaretto is near perfect. My front porch and stairs look the best in the neighboorhood. Excellent product!

  4. Jim Bower

    This was my second order as I was so satisfied with the first. I used the honey brown on my cedar rails and the amaretto on the pressure treated deck. If the deck is cleaned and sanded to a new look, the two colors are almost a perfect match. I like the fact that there are no brush marks, even if you stop and go back.

  5. Mark Cordova

    I used Penofin for years. Woodrich Wiping Stain is by far the best product I have found for use on Ipe decks and railings.

  6. Kathy Rehfeldt

    The product went on very easily. We opted to brush it on vs. spraying and then come back and brush off the excess after 5 minutes.
    The only complaint that I have is the color. It is more “orangey” than I had hoped. I debated between the brown sugar and the amaretto and now wish that I had gone with the amaretto, or at least have had the luxury of time to order samples but I did not. Is it possible that when we restain next year that we could go over it with the amaretto and it would darken up a little?

  7. Keith Harkleroad

    I have just applied Woodrich Timber oil to new cedar outdoor furniture. The color is great and the stain goes on very easily. I let it sit for about 5 minutes before wiping off the excess. So far it takes about a day to dry well enough to feel safe sitting on it.
    I am going to let it weather as is (no sealer) through the winter and spring and then see about applying Woodrich Stain and Seal in the summer.

  8. AimJay

    We ordered last fall for our New pressure treated Pine deck. Never got to stain it due to the horrible weather so we just started the railings and I couldn’t wait till I finished the whole deck to write a review. It goes on so easy! Probably the easiest application I have ever done. It looks fantastic!! Thank You for a great product. Neighbors who have have expensive pvc and composite decking are envious of how great our deck looks!!! They wish they would have saved thousands and used wood and Timber Oil!

  9. Patty

    We treated new cedar steps, rail and fence. Application was easy with roller and brush.It is thin, not viscous at all, soaked in well. So, not a lot of removal of excess like other products.We saw it soak through to the other side at the knots on the fence (good penetration).The rough boards really soaked up a lot, so need to order more. 4 instead of 5 stars because too soon to know how it will last, and it is a bit brighter than anticipated by picture on website. Bright meaning looks less natural than desired. But should tone down with age.Overall very pleased so far.

  10. Janice

    We were dreading staining our new pressure treated pine deck because of past experiences with inferior products. I found your web site after searching for a short time and we decided to go with your product. It was easy and fool proof. Our deck looks amazing. We’ll probably wait until Spring and put on another coat with no hesitation. We highly recommend
    Woodrich Timber Oil.

  11. Bill Tabor

    Great service. And a Great product Looks really good on our big deck.

  12. Kelly Whipple

    Wow.. Great to work with. Every single person who has ever stained a deck has had drops or overlap. It really doesn’t matter when using this product. It actually soaked into the cedar decking and really gave a beautiful uniform finish. I did two liberal coats on deck. 5 gallons for 24×16+8×8 plus 3- horizontal fence panels, front and back, 4’x8′.

  13. AMP

    Very pleased with the product overall. This was my first time staining a deck. I used the cleaner and citralic before staining our PT pine deck and the results were excellent. The color is great, giving the deck a darker wet look that is transparent brown with a hint of yellow/orange. I used a staining brush exclusively and this went on flawlessly with no overlap even with days between applications. Very little dripping and splatter which was a nice surprise. Very rewarding to see your deck transformed with every stroke the wood soaks up. I will definitely use again, although hopefully not too soon!

  14. Matthew Rossi

    Fantastic support and delivery. Easy to use and really works well. I used this on pressure treated 10 year old wood that was never treated as well as new pressure treated wood. Both came out fantastic.

  15. Anonymous

    This is a great product! It produces a beautiful finish, is easy to apply with a garden sprayer – virtually foolproof – and very easy to clean up. I have been using it for 5 years and it can be re-applied annually to maintain the finish. Highly recommended!

  16. Allison Cappella

    Spoke to Russell twice concerning application process and he was very helpful and patient. Also spoke to Mary? To track my order and she also was helpful and courteous. Applying timber oil tomorrow and hopefully will continue to be satisfied.
    Thank you

  17. Greg Williams

    Just applied the honey gold and it went on easily. It looks great on our deck!

  18. Richard Piwowar

    Product went on flawlessly with brush and pad. I added a second coat and it was a little darker until it dried, now seems a touch more golden. First coat really penetrated but second coat not as porous so you use less product for second coat.

    Product was back ordered when order was placed but website said Processing. This is confusing to customer and should say back ordered and maybe send an email when expected back in stock or when shipped.

  19. Anonymous

    Haven’t used the product yet. Still waiting on monsoon weather to end in SC so I can use on new deck. But based on the amount of time I’ve invested on reviews, I expect satisfaction. From ordering to receiving, excellent service.

  20. Charley Rich

    Went on easy with a pad and looks great.

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  • What is the best stain to use on pressure treated pine?

    Timber Oil deep penetrating stain is a great choice for new and aged pressure treated pine wood.  New pine should be cleaned and brightened before staining.  The Brown Sugar or Amaretto colors usually look best on pressure treated pine.

  • What is the best stain to use on cedar?

    We recommend Timber Oil deep penetrating stain for new and aged cedar wood.  Timber Oil does an excellent job of penetrating cedar wood.  The stain has a high degree of clarity because it is tinted with transparent oxide pigments.  It dries very natural and you can still see all of the grain and detail of the wood.

  • When should a new deck be stained or sealed?

    The sooner the better.  A new deck will begin to discolor in  as little as two weeks when  its exposed to the sun.  If pollen spores settle into the grain of the wood, they can become a food source for mold or mildew.  Staining and sealing the wood will help  protect it from the elements.  When protecting new wood for the first time it is usually best to clean and brighten the wood prior to applying any finish.

  • What do you use to clean up. Mineral spirits or soap and water?

    Mineral Spirits

  • Is this a solid color stain or semi-transparent?

    Semi transparent