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Restoring a Cedar Deck in Lincolnshire, IL

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Restoring a cedar deck is a great way to return the wood to its former glory. This cedar deck was given a rich, amaretto stain by a homeowner in Lincolnshire, Illinois. 

Woodrich Brand is proud to see another DIY deck restoration project from one of our customers with outstanding results! The harsh weather of the Midwest will be no problem for this restored and protected cedar deck. 

Before: Restoring a Cedar Deck

Alan, the homeowner, clearly gets a lot of use out of his backyard – this massive cedar deck has tons of customized features that scream “party house!” There is plenty of seating between the lounge chairs, multiple tables, and a long, built-in bench along the railing. Plus, Alan has added a matching wooden table, built-in along the house. There’s also a large gazebo to protect guests and food alike from the bugs that swarm out of the backyard’s forest. 

With an investment this size, protecting the wood from the elements can extend the life of your deck for many more years of enjoyment.

The cedar wood’s color was starting to wash out and grey. Alan knew this was a sign that the stain was not protecting the wood and his deck needed more protection. He also wanted to update the color and try something new. Alan told us that he has used some of our competitors in the past (Sikkens, Benjamin Moore, Ready Seal) but he has never had such a pleasant experience and colorful result as with Woodrich Brand. 

Restoring a cedar deck - cleared and cleaned.
Restoring a cedar deck – cleared and cleaned.

We are thrilled Alan gave us a chance to prove ourselves against the large corporations who claim to be the best… although we are not surprised at the outcome! Alan used the Woodrich Brand Restoration Project Kit which completely prepares the wood to soak up more stain than you might expect. 

After: Restoring a Cedar Deck

The rich amaretto color of the Timber Oil soaked deep into Alan’s cedar deck, for a beautiful and lasting stain. By using the full Restoration Project Kit, he made sure the wood was prepared for its new look and could be properly protected. 

“Over the years, I have used many stains… None compare to the Woodrich product.” – Alan from Lincolnshire, Illinois

Woodrich Brand Timber Oil is our deep penetrating oil-based stain for softwoods. So whether you are staining a cedar deck, restoring fir or redwood siding or furniture, or staining some new pine, Timber Oil can handle your project. 

restoring a cedar deck, before returning the furniture

Alan said the Timber Oil was easy to use and surprised him with the deep color. Many people end up using the same brand over and over and never get to experience a top-notch stain for their deck. Thanks to Alan’s refusal to settle for second best, his deck looks incredible with its fresh application of Timber Oil. 

The Midwest is in the height of summer, and Alan’s cedar deck is ready for entertaining. He deserves to fire up the grill and show off his beautiful backyard and DIY project.  

Do-It-Yourself: Cedar Deck Restoration

Timber Oil is easy to apply – use a pump sprayer, rag, brush, or pads. Alan sprayed his deck, which is ideal for such a large space.  

a cedar deck in Lincolnshire IL that was restored. lots of furniture and a black poodle
The result of the Restoration Project Kit. This deck is ready for a party!

This is an example of Amaretto, but Timber Oil also comes in Warm Honey Gold, Woodrich Signature Brown, Brown Sugar, and Western Cedar. The Sample Kit includes some of them, so you can test the colors yourself. 

The key to a great result like Alan earned is the proper setup. The Project Restoration Kit comes with Citralic Wood Brightener & Neutralizer and EFC-38 Wood Stripper & Cleaner. These are also available as a set if you already picked up some stain. 

Quick and Easy

Each application, of ECF-38, Citralic, and Timber Oil, is simple enough that anyone can handle it themselves. After stripping and brightening, the stain will penetrate deeper, to protect your deck from moisture, UV rays, and other hazards. 

The full project time for restoring a cedar deck is short, and if you get lucky with nice weather it will be done in no time. So choose an upcoming weekend and get your backyard looking as great as Alan’s – there’s still time to show off on Labor Day.

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