December 21

Look at This Restored 13-Year-Old Ipe Dock in Seneca, SC

Restored Ipe Dock Looks Fantastic After DIY Ipe Staining Project 

This boathouse and ipe dock needed a little love after 13 years of use on Lake Keowee in Seneca, South Carolina. The homeowner Matt decided to take things into his own hands and restore the gorgeous ipe wood to its former glory. Let’s look at what makes ipe wood so special and how to stain ipe to protect this exotic hardwood from the elements. 

Before: Grey, Weathered Ipe Dock

Matt wrote to us from the shores of Lake Keowee, where he has been using this Ipe dock and boathouse for the past thirteen years. To the best of his knowledge, the wood had never been treated after installation. Those years made their mark – the ipe wood deck was grey, weathered, and at risk of further damage

But hope was not lost! Matt knew just where to look for a total restoration solution for his boat dock. He decided to make the boat dock restoration a DIY project because restoring wood is a job almost anyone can do with the right tools and preparation. A little work along the lakefront is a great way to enjoy the surrounding nature while staying active. 

Before: Grey, Weathered Ipe Dock

After: Restored Ipe Dock After Staining

We double-checked these photos—we know the “After” photo looks like it was taken years ago, right after the dock’s installation. After Matt’s project, the ipe wood of the dock is glowing! It looks new after being stripped, cleaned, and stained. Matt looks satisfied with the result of his time and effort spent restoring the boat dock—he even got to work on his tan at the same time. 

Because it had been so long since this ipe wood was initially treated, it needed a few steps to make it look this good. Matt calculated out the square footage and found that our Hardwood Deck, Fence & Siding Restoration Project Kit contained everything he needed for his boat dock restoration project. The included EFC38 stripped away the weathered, grey wood and any mold, dirt, or lake sludge that had built up over the past 13 years. Then, a round of Citralic Wood Brightener restored the natural beauty of the ipe. 

“Very pleased with the ease of use and the results!” – Matt from South Carolina

Finally, Matt applied Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Wood Stain, which is our recommendation for ipe, garapa, teak, mahogany, and cambara. This ipe boat dock was stained with the smooth reddish-orange of our Amaretto color – a stunning complement to the blues and greens of Lake Keowee!

Restored Ipe Dock Looks Fantastic After DIY Ipe Staining Project

What Makes Ipe Wood Special

Ipe (pronounced “ee-pay”) is an exotic hardwood that is extremely dense and rare. The value of ipe wood comes from its ability to resist rot, moisture, and heat. It will last significantly longer than a standard piece of pressure-treated lumber, so it is a wise choice for expensive projects like a dock or wood home siding. 

Ipe wood is nearly as resistant to fire as concrete! If you’ve ever burned a bare foot on a sun-warmed dock, you can see why ipe would be one of the best things to step ashore onto. It does not retain heat, so it stays relatively cool even under the summer sun. 

The natural beauty of ipe is also prized around the world. After Matt’s dock restoration project, you can see why. Thanks to his hard work and a high-quality hardwood stain, he will continue to enjoy this dock and boathouse for many more years. 

Get the Best Protection for Your Ipe

If you are adding exotic hardwood such as ipe to your home or landscaping, choose our Hardwood Wiping Wood Stain to protect your high-end Ipe dock, Ipe deck, Ipe siding, or Ipe fence. Even if your wood is already showing the signs of age, it may not be too late! Give our Project Support Hotline a call at (636) 288-8512. They can help you plan your restoration DIY project and suggest the right tools, treatments, and time of year for the job. 



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