July 16

A Well Protected Redwood Deck Stain Project

Redwood deck stain project using Woodrich-Brand Timber Oil in the Amaretto color.

Pet Love Our Redwood Deck Stain, Too!

We absolutely love when people send us project pictures featuring their pets! I feel like this deck is doubly protected. Timber Oil stain will protect the wood from the elements. The vigilant protector looks up to the task of monitoring any foot traffic the deck receives.

Right now it looks like “Mom or Dad” would be welcomed out on this beautifully protected deck. Read on to discover how to select the best stain for a redwood deck.

Best Stain for a Redwood Deck

Selecting the best stain for a redwood deck can be a challenge. We normally recommend using Woodrich Brand Timber Oil to stain and protect both new and aged redwood.  The color you select will be a personal choice. Our two most popular colors for redwood are Amaretto and Western Cedar.

We recommend the Timber Oil product to use for a redwood deck stain because it is a deep penetrating finish. This is ideal for a porous lumber like redwood. Also, Timber Oil uses transparent oxide pigments so it doesn’t hide the natural beauty and detail of the wood.  Your goal when applying Timber Oil to redwood lumber is to allow the wood to soak up as much product as possible.  It is best to apply the stain in one heavy flood coat.

Then you give it a little time to fully saturate the wood. This usually only takes a minute or so. When you are sure the redwood deck has soaked up as much stain as it can, you can wipe off any excess stain that is still on the surface. This will help your redwood deck stain dry faster and get you back on your deck ASAP!

Redwood deck stain project completed with Woodrich-Brand Timber Oil in the Amaretto color.
Redwood Deck Stain Project Featuring Timber Oil Amaretto

A special thanks to DZ of Cheyenne WY for sending us this picture. You did a great job! We really appreciate you sharing this picture with us. Everyday with a pet picture is a great day!


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