November 5

PTP Deck and Teak Furniture: Total Restoration

Project Description: Teak Restoration and PTP Deck – Seal and Protect

The contracting company who submitted these pictures was hired to remove an existing finish from both the deck and outdoor wood furniture. These pressure treated Pine or PTP deck and Teak furniture needed total restoration. The existing stain on the deck shows a badly weathered and failing state. The finish on the teak furniture was also failing and it had started to flake and peel off in areas. In both cases, there were portions of the wood that had no protection at all and had begun to turn gray from UV exposure. Here are our tips on staining teak outdoor furniture.

The PTP Deck and Teak Furniture: Cleaned and Restored

For this teak restoration project, the contractor first applied EFC-38 to the entire deck surface. Then they used HD-80 on the furniture to remove the finish that had begun to flake and peel. In this picture, both products do their thing while allowed to “dwell” on the surface.

Teak furniture and PTP deck stripped with Woodrich Brand restoration products

All wood surfaces will receive a gentle power washing followed by an application for Citralic Brightener/Neutralizer. Then it is time to apply the wood finish. For this teak restoration project, the contractor applied Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping stain in the Warm Honey Gold color.

Staining Teak Outdoor Furniture and Protecting the PTP Deck

On this teak restoration project, the finish applied to the deck used a combination of spraying and back brushing, while the furniture finish used a ragging technique. The rag applies the stain heavily to the wood. Then after giving the wood a few moments to soak up as much product as possible, a dry rag wipes all the excess finish from the surface.

Teak furniture and PTP deck sealed and protected with Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Stain in the Warm Honey Gold Color

The contractor did a great job on this outdoor teak restoration project! The homeowner was very pleased with their choice. They chose the Warm Honey Gold Wiping Stain. It brings out the natural beauty of their wood.

If you have questions about teak restoration or staining teak outdoor furniture, visit our forums or call a project support specialist today. You may reach us at 636-288-8512 or through our Facebook page.


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