Wood Cleaner, Stripper, Brightener, & Neutralizer Sample Kit



Product Description

Our Wood Cleaner & Stripper Sample Kit includes one sample of EFC38, HD80, and Citralic. Each product sample can cover around 9 square feet of wood. Use this sample kit to help you determine which cleaning / stripping product will be best for your wood restoration project. We recommend using the most gentle solution possible to restore your wood. This sample kit will let you test the EFC38 first to see if it has the strength needed to bring your wood back to a fresh cut appearance. If you have an existing stain or sealer that the EFC38 won’t remove, you can test the HD80 heavy duty stripper to determine the required dwell time and estimate how long it will take to complete your wood restoration project.

Product Includes

  • One sample of EFC38, HD80, and Citralic


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  • Do I have to apply the brightener immediately after cleaning with EFC-38? What is the maximum time I can wait between cleaner and brightener?

    You can apply the brightener right away after cleaning.  If there are puddles of water, try to broom those off before applying the brightener.  There is no maximum amount of time you can wait, as long as you apply the brightener at some point before you stain.