Hardwood Wiping Wood Stain – 1 Gallon – Covers up to 300 SQ FT

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Our Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Wood Stain 1 Gallon covers up to 300 square feet of wood. This wood stain is extremely easy to apply, whether you are a DIY homeowner or contractor. It soaks into any dense exotic hardwoods like teak, mahogany, cambara, ipe, and garapa. Brush, roll, or spray on, then wipe with a dry rag to reveal a beautiful quality finish. It is very high in both pigment and resin solids making it durable enough for the rugged outdoors. The micro-ground trans-oxide pigments are locked into place by superior quality long oil alkyd resins. This gives you a system that can perform, with the limited penetration common to hardwoods, and protect with the unmatched quality of transparent oxide pigments. It has become the finish of choice among architects, builders, homeowners, importers, and refinishing contractors and is known to outperform other finishes on exotic hardwoods because of our formula’s extremely high pigment content.

Product Includes

  • 1 Gallon Hardwood Wiping Wood Stain


If you have questions or need help with your wood restoration project, you can count on Woodrich Brand to provide outstanding professional personalized support by calling us @ 636-288-8512 or emailing [email protected] as well. Also, you can visit our gallery or forum for tips, creative ideas, and support from the Woodrich Brand community.

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Amaretto, Brown Sugar, Warm Honey Gold, Western Cedar

8 reviews for Hardwood Wiping Wood Stain – 1 Gallon – Covers up to 300 SQ FT

  1. JB

    Great products and even better product support. Staff seems to care that I have the right stuff for what I want to do with my deck and that I know how to use it for best results. Thanks.

  2. David Methvin

    Really love this product! Just finished power washing and restaining my Ipe deck for the third time with this stain, it had been 5 years so quite overdue. Applied the stain with a pad which is much easier than brushing. The results are beautiful, it puts the wood floors and furniture *inside* my house to shame.

  3. Thomas McGrath

    This product is the best I have ever used. I stripped the deck last year after 18 years worth of oil and latex stains. I applied the stain and it was like a brand new deck. This year I washed it and then lightly stained it. My neighbor asked if I got a new deck. Love this stain.

  4. Armando Nunez

    We been using Woodrich stain for long time and we are very pleased with the product. I hope you guys can open a store in Dallas,TX. That would be great!!

    Thanks to woodrich I can keep customers happy.

  5. WW

    This is the third time I have used brown sugar on my hardwood deck. As usual it looks amazing.

  6. Anonymous

    I veered away for one season and tried another stain and was quite disappointed. Called the expert “George” at East Teak where I had bought my wood originally and he put me back on track! Thanks for having a wonderful product and also much easier packaging – paint cans were always so messy – love the plastic jugs! Thanks!

  7. Thomas Sydlo

    Excellent longest lasting product we have tried.
    Really brings out the beauty in Ipe. Many different types of applications depending on your needs.
    Great service from Extreme Solutions will always buy there.

  8. Kathy Gilbert

    Ordered a sample kit to find a close match to existing stair rail. Used unfinished redwood. It went on excellent. I have used other stains and this is by far the best. And having the sample kit was great to find a color match. I will be purchasing more soon.

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  • Do I have to apply the brightener immediately after cleaning with EFC-38? What is the maximum time I can wait between cleaner and brightener?

    You can apply the brightener right away after cleaning.  If there are puddles of water, try to broom those off before applying the brightener.  There is no maximum amount of time you can wait, as long as you apply the brightener at some point before you stain.


  • How soon do I have to apply the stain after using the cleaner and brightener? Can I wait a few days?

    Yes, you can usually wait up to about three weeks before the sun will start causing the wood to lost its natural color.

  • Is fence stain application temperature important or not?

    Yes. Fence stain application temperature is important. You can apply Timber Oil as long as the temperature is above freezing. The stain will take longer to dry in colder temperatures. On the other hand, you need to apply Hardwood Wiping Stain when temperatures are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Does using stains or sealers protect outdoor wood furniture?

    Yes. Using exterior wood stains or sealers is an excellent way in order to protect outdoor wood furniture.

  • Which outdoor wood furniture stains will you recommend for pressure treated woods?

    You can use either a deep penetrating stain or a hardwood wiping stain on outdoor pressure-treated wood and pine furniture.

  • What kind of wood stains should I use as my outdoor wood furniture stain?

    You can use either a deep penetrating wood stain or a hardwood wiping stain on outdoor wood furniture. The penetrating stain will finish more flat where the wiping stain will give the furniture a bit of luster. If your furniture is an exotic hardwood like Teak or Ipe, it is best to stick with the Hardwood Wiping Stain.

  • How long does it take the stain to dry before you can walk on it?

    If the temperature is in the 70’s its usually safe to walk across the deck with clean shoes after about 2 hours.  We don’t recommend scheduling any dance parties for at least a day or two.  If the wood is in the full sun, that will help the stain dry a little quicker.  When the wood is in the shade, or the temperature is cooler, it can take longer for the stain to dry.

    To replace deck furniture before the wood is completely dry, you can use shoe coverings.  These slip on covers will prevent you from tracking dirt into the finish.

    Older wood that absorbs a lot more oil can also take longer to dry.

  • Can the stain colors be mixed?

    Absolutely! Woodrich Brand uses transparent oxide pigments. So mixing the colors together is extremely easy.  We offer sample color kits so that you can test our stock colors. You can also experiment with blends to find the perfect color tone for your project.

  • I have about a third of a gallon from two years ago, in the original container. Is there a shelf-life for the stain?

    This product will “skin over” after it has been opened. This film on the surface protects the product underneath. The surface area of the product that is exposed to air in the container determines the thickness of this skin. In your case, if the bottle was sealed well, I guess that you have at least a quart of stain that can still be used.