HD80 – Heavy Duty Wood Stripper – Covers up to 750 SQ FT

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Product Description

Our Woodrich Brand 2lb HD80 heavy duty wood stripper covers up to 750 square feet of wood. HD80 removes any wood stains and sealers and is ideal for use on wood decks, wood fences, wood siding, and log cabins. HD80 cleaner / stripper was developed to tackle your tough wood restoration projects fast. This unique formula provides the heavy duty strength necessary to strip any wood restoration project. Proper surface preparation is the key to successful wood restoration.

Product Includes

  • 1 – 2lb HD80


If you have questions or need help with your wood restoration project, you can count on Woodrich Brand to provide outstanding professional personalized support by calling us @ 636-288-8512 or emailing [email protected] as well. Also, you can visit our gallery or forum for tips, creative ideas, and support from the Woodrich Brand community.

3 reviews for HD80 – Heavy Duty Wood Stripper – Covers up to 750 SQ FT

  1. Darrell Sigmon

    I’m usually not impressed with product claims as to their amazing results, so I try to not to have high expectations on using a new product.
    However, I have to say I’m impressed with HD80 stripper. I used it on my fence which was very weathered, mildewed, & had uneven spots of Flood CWF-UV left on it. Since it is a vertical surface it complicates the stripping process since dwell time is reduced due to runoff. I used the recommended 1 cup per gallon of water that is on the label, sprayed it on & let dwell 30 minutes.
    The CWF-UV just power washed right off with little effort. The pressure treated wood looks new again. I can attest it works well removing CWF-UV.

  2. Stacy

    just as described; easy mixing and application; definitely does the job

  3. Sharri Oaks

    Wonderful product. I stripped 3 layers of old stain from my entire cedar house and the wood now looks like the day it was put on the house 18 years ago.

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  • Do I have to apply the brightener immediately after cleaning with EFC-38? What is the maximum time I can wait between cleaner and brightener?

    You can apply the brightener right away after cleaning.  If there are puddles of water, try to broom those off before applying the brightener.  There is no maximum amount of time you can wait, as long as you apply the brightener at some point before you stain.


  • How soon do I have to apply the stain after using the cleaner and brightener? Can I wait a few days?

    Yes, you can usually wait up to about three weeks before the sun will start causing the wood to lost its natural color.

  • How many square feet (on average) is a gallon of prepared HD 80 stripper intended to treat on a deck?

    Short Answer:  150 square feet

    HD-80 should be applied heavily at a rate of about 150 square feet per gallon.  The stripper is designed to soften existing stain and sealers to a near liquid consistency.  The amount of time this process takes depends on many factors.  The type/brand of finish being removed, the number of “coats” or applications, the amount of direct sunlight the wood receives and the amount of time since the last application all play a major role.

    HD-80 stripper is only active when it is wet.  If the stripper begins to dry before the existing finish has softened enough, more stripper should be sprayed on to keep it wet.  This will reduce your effective spread rate.

    A high quality oil based exterior stain should be reasonably easy to strip.  The “dwell time” or the amount of time the stripper needs to soften it thoroughly is usually about 15 min or less when the temp is about 70 degrees.  Under these conditions you can count on that 150 square foot per gallon estimate.

    If you are stripping several layers of a cheap water based, or worse a water reducible alkyd based product the dwell time is going to be much longer.  Film forming products that crack and peel are often the most difficult to remove.  Sometimes you have to keep the surface wet for up to an hour to completely soften all the layers to the point they can be gently power washed off.

    If you are doing this work in the direct sun, on a breezy day you are going to have to apply the HD-80 several times in order to keep it wet that entire time.  Each time you soak the surface your spread rate is going to be roughly 15o square feet per gallon, however your effective rate for the project might be half that or less.

    This is the main reason professional contractors will almost always perform a scratch test to determine how long its going to take to strip the surface and better estimate how much stripper they will need to complete the job.  For the DIY community we offer sample test kits so you can determine how easy your wood will be to restore.


  • How do I remove outdoor wood furniture stain before reapplying new?

    We recommend using either the EFC-38 cleaner and mild stripper to remove outdoor wood furniture stain. Use also the HD-80 heavy-duty wood stripper. Then you would follow with the Citralic wood brightener and neutralizer.

  • Should the wood be dry, damp or wet before applying EFC-38?

    It is okay if the wood is damp (with no puddles) or dry when applying EFC-38.  The cleaner could become diluted if the wood has a lot of puddles.  Wood that is in the direct sun can become hot to the touch.  It is okay to mist the wood with a little water to cool it off before applying the EFC-38.  This will help the cleaner stay wet and active longer.

  • Your products are great! Can I use them to clean my concrete garage floor?

    HD-80 and EFC-38 are both very effective cleaners for concrete and hard surfaces.

    Of course you want to follow all of the same safety precautions as when they are used for wood restoration.

    Citralic Brightener/Neutralizer will effectively remove rust and other mineral stains from concrete.

    For severe concrete stains, you can wet the area and then grind in some of the dry Citralic powder making a thin paste.  Allow that paste to dry on the surface and then rinse away.  Repeat as necessary.

  • How do you remove the old stain once the HD80 does its thing? Brush, scraping, and/or pressure washer?

    It is easiest to use a pressure washer after the HD-80 has softened the existing finish. For larger jobs, it is a good idea to test the HD-80 first to be sure that it is going to effectively remove your finish. There are sample kits available for testing.

  • Do you need to apply another product after to neutralize before applying the new stain?

    Yes. You neutralize with Woodrich Brand Citralic Brightener / Neutralizer before applying the new stain.

  • I have 2 coats of semi-transparent stain on my decks/stairs - should I use this product to remove it?

    HD-80 is a heavy-duty wood stripper. It is effective at removing most semi-transparent deck stains and sealers. HD-80 is a caustic material. So care should be taken to protect surrounding vegetation such as grass and plants. We also recommend the use of protective clothing to protect the skin and eyes. Woodrich-Brand also manufactures EFC-38 which is a mild stripper that will effectively remove most oil-based semi-transparent deck stains and sealers. If you are not sure which product is best suited for your project, you can order a product sample kit. Then test them each to see which you prefer. You can also contact the Woodrich-Brand project support hotline at 636-288-8512 if you have questions before you order. 

  • Can I use this to strip a thin layer of paint off of wood shingles on my garage?

    I believe that you would get better results with a paint stripper. This product works best for removing wood stains and sealers.

  • Will this remove behr deckover? I've tried just about everything else and nothing works.

    No. This product will not effectively remove that finish.

  • I have a 101 year old barn that has peeling paint everywhere will this work to remove all the old latex paint and will it effect the new coat latex?

    I am not sure this would be the best option for removing latex paint. You might consider trying the sample test kit first to be sure it is going to be effective. If the stripper is effective at removing the old paint, it will not effect the new application, as long as you rinse thoroughly and neutralize after using the stripper.

  • Is this product safe to use around outdoor plants? To protect surrounding plants do I need to cover all of the plants?

    You should protect the plants from overspray, while applying the HD-80. You can either use a spray shield, or cover the plants while you apply the HD-80

  • Does it remove acrylic stains? I have tried several stain strippers that don't work.

    Yes in most cases HD-80 will remove acrylic wood stains. We do have sample kits available if you would like to test it before you buy.

  • What specific type of personal protective equipment should I use when applying/removing the stripper (shoe covers, gloves, coveralls)?

    You want to protect your skin and eyes when applying this product..

  • Will this strip a penetrating (oil based) stain from cedar?

    Yes, it should easily strip a penetrating oil based stain.

  • How to use and apply to vertical siding?

    Apply HD-80 to a vertical surface by using a pump up sprayer.

  • Will this be strong enough to remove 10x Restore?

    No, I don’t believe this is the right type of stripper for your project.

  • Will this work on 50 years of both Oil based Paint and Latex on top of that?

    No this product will not work for that application.

  • Can this product be used on oak furniture with a dark stain?

    HD80 can be used to strip stain from the furniture. You might consider purchasing the test kit first.  You need to be sure if it will be effective at removing the specific dark stain on your furniture.

  • Can I use this on a painted deck?

    This stripper is most effective at removing wood stains and sealers. This stripper will not remove latex paint. It will remove some oil based paint. There is a sample test kit available. If you are unsure what is on your deck, it is a good idea to test the stripper for effectiveness, before ordering enough to complete the entire job.

  • Is HD-80 harmful to humans or pets?

    Yes! Wear protective gear when using this product. Read all MSDS and first aid material completely before beginning. Knowing what to do if something goes wrong while using HD-80 will help minimize the risk of serious injury. Keep animals away from areas (confined in home is best) where HD-80 is being used. Keep children and bystanders away while using HD-80.

  • Will HD-80 harm plants or grass?

    HD-80 will produce chemical burns on plants and grass and will eventually kill them if precautions are not taken. Spray all vegetation with water that is in the vicinity and cover sensitive plants in close proximity with plastic to avoid exposure.

  • Can HD-80 be used on other surfaces?

    Yes. You can use HD-80 to clean concrete, vinyl siding, brick, Trex, and also PVC.

  • What would happen if I applied a stain without neutralizing HD-80 ?

    Not only will the end result be less attractive, most assuredly the finish you apply will fail prematurely.

  • The wood has turned dark after treatment! How do I get it to lighten up?

    Use Citralic Brightener/Neutralizer to brighten up the wood. This helps to neutralize any sodium hydroxide after stripping. Citralic also returns the wood to it’s natural color.

  • Will HD-80 remove mold & mildew or should I add bleach?

    In most cases HD-80 will easily remove mold and mildew.  If there is an extreme build up of mold and mildew you can add one cup of bleach per gallon of product.  Please note that bleach can damage the wood and should be rinsed as soon as possible.  (NEVER mix bleach with EFC-38)

  • What if I can't see the wood under a solid color stain? How do I tell if HD-80 has gone through all the layers?

    The best method is the dry scratch test.  Use a stir stick or similar item to scratch at the finish.  When it can easily be removed down to bare wood it is time to rinse.If any stain is still present, reapply HD-80 again until it is easily removed.  We recommend that you perform several scratch tests in different areas prior to rinsing.

  • How long does HD-80 take to work?

    Depending on the coating you are removing, it can take from just a few seconds to as much as 15 minutes per layer of finish being removed.

  • How do I know when HD-80 is working?

    The coating will change color and the wood will turn dark.  Use a scratch test to determine when the existing finish has been fully emulsified and is ready to strip.

  • What if I mix too much and have more than is needed for the job, will any left over HD-80 go bad?

    No. HD-80 is stable in solution and has a long shelf life. You can premix it with water into a concentrate for use later. Just dilute it in order to meet your needs.

  • How much HD-80 should I use per gallon of water?

    Mix 8 oz (1/2 LB) per gallon of water for full strength.  In dry measure that is about 2/3 cup.  You can then dilute it up to 4 to 1 with water depending on the job at hand.

  • What finishes will HD-80 remove?

    HD-80 works on removing oil based sealants, latex or alkyd stains, semitransparent or solid color stains, polymer/resin based coatings, acrylic based coatings and paint. Removes SIKKENS, BEHR, CABOT, PENOFIN, TWP, CWF, READY SEAL, WOLMAN, OLYMPIC, CUPRINOL, ABR, FLOOD, and some paints.

  • Can HD-80 be used on other surfaces?

    HD-80 can be used to clean concrete, vinyl siding, brick, Trex and PVC.  You can also use EFC-38 as a safe roof cleaner