HD80 – Heavy Duty Wood Stripper – Covers up to 3000 SQ FT

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Product Description

Our Woodrich Brand 10lb HD80 heavy duty wood stripper covers up to 3000 square feet of wood. HD80 removes any wood stains and sealers and is ideal for use on wood decks, wood fences, wood siding, and log cabins. HD80 cleaner / stripper was developed to tackle your tough wood restoration projects fast. This unique formula provides the heavy duty strength necessary to strip any wood restoration project. Proper surface preparation is the key to successful wood restoration.

Product Includes

  • 1 – 10lb HD80


If you have questions or need help with your wood restoration project, you can count on Woodrich Brand to provide outstanding professional personalized support by calling us @ 636-288-8512 or emailing support@woodrichbrand.com as well. Also, you can visit our gallery or forum for tips, creative ideas, and support from the Woodrich Brand community.

7 reviews for HD80 – Heavy Duty Wood Stripper – Covers up to 3000 SQ FT

  1. Jason Elliott

    Works great on most finishes. I had trouble with fresh Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil, (over applied by homeowner)

  2. Susan Jones

    Don’t waster your money on any other product. This stuff is a life saver. Used Behr stain (never ever again) on our huge deck and it began to peel right within months. Lots of rail and 2×2 spindles to strip. Put it on for 15 minutes, keep it wet, scrub a little, and pressure wash it off. I may have to use a sander on a few places…..but at least not the whole deck. Thanks for a wonderful product.

  3. Jesse Kirchhoff

    The HD-80 10 LB Pail worked magnificently.

  4. Tom

    Stained my deck with Behr. Big mistake. Peeled within months. This has been the best stripper I have found for the job. I only give it 4 stars because it still doesn’t get all the stupid stain off, however nothing else has worked better than this. ***TIP*** Keep the working area wet with stripper. Don’t let it dry.

  5. Jonathan Kulp

    Excellent product for stain removal. Excellent customer service when I called Woodrich. I was helped immediately to place an order which arrived very quickly. All in all a good experience. Galatians 3:13

  6. Jesse Kirchhoff

    It’s reeeaal nice.

  7. Celeste Gothorp

    We have used HD-80 for over a decade in our wood restoration business. There is not a product out there that does the job as efficiently and effectively as HD-80. The surfactant package allows the previous product to be stripped without causing damage to the wood, which causes less furring and labor after neutralizing. The ability to control the strength is also a huge plus as not all strip jobs are created equal! This is our Go-To product!

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  • How do you remove the old stain once the HD80 does it thing? Brush, scraping, and/or pressure washer?

    It is easiest to use a pressure washer after the HD-80 has softened the existing finish. For larger jobs, it is a good idea to test the HD-80 first to be sure that it is going to effectively remove your finish. There are sample kits available for testing.

  • Do you need to apply another product after to neutralize before applying the new stain?

    Yes you neutralize with Woodrich Brand Citralic Brightener / Neutralizer.

  • I have 2 coats of semi-transparent stain on my decks/stairs - should I use this product to remove it?

    HD-80 is a heavy duty wood stripper. It is effective at removing most semi-transparent deck stains and sealers. HD-80 is a caustic material so care should be taken to protect surrounding vegetation such as grass and plants. Protective clothing is also recommended to protect the skin and eyes. Woodrich-Brand also manufactures EFC-38 which is a mild stripper that will effectively remove most oil based semi-transparent deck stains and sealers. If you are not sure which product is best suited for your project, you can order a product sample kit and test them each to see which you prefer. You can also contact the Woodrich-Brand project support hotline at 636-288-8512 if you have questions before you order. 

  • Can I use this to strip a thin layer of paint off of wood shingles on my garage?

    I believe that you would get better results with a paint stripper. This product works best for removing wood stains and sealers.

  • Will this remove behr deckover? I've tried just avout everything else and nothing works.

    No, this product will not effectively remove that finish.