Citralic – Wood Brightener & Neutralizer – Covers up to 3000 SQ FT

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Product Description

Our Woodrich Brand 10lb Citralic Wood Brightener & Neutralizer covers up to 3000 square feet of wood. Citralic is a specifically formulated blend of acids and surfactant that was designed to neutralize and brighten wood quickly, without the unwanted bleaching or damage to the wood. This step in a professional wood restoration achieves that like-new look of fresh cut wood.

Product Includes

  • 1 – 10lb Citralic


If you have questions or need help with your wood restoration project, you can count on Woodrich Brand to provide outstanding professional personalized support by calling us @ 636-288-8512 or emailing as well. Also, you can visit our gallery or forum for tips, creative ideas, and support from the Woodrich Brand community.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in

3 reviews for Citralic – Wood Brightener & Neutralizer – Covers up to 3000 SQ FT

  1. Jesse Kirchhoff

    The 10 LB Citralicleft results that were a sight to behold.

  2. Jesse Kirchhoff

    It’s reeeaal nice.

  3. David

    This product was used to clean/brighten a trailer floor before applying Timber Oil.
    Worked very well and easy to mix.

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  • Your products are great! Can I use them to clean my concrete garage floor?

    HD-80 and EFC-38 are both very effective cleaners for concrete and hard surfaces. Of course you want to follow all of the same safety precautions as when they are used for wood restoration. Citralic Brightener/Neutralizer will effectively remove rust and other mineral stains from concrete. For severe concrete stains, you can wet the area and then grind in some of the dry Citralic powder making a thin paste.  Allow that paste to dry on the surface and then rinse away.  Repeat as necessary.

  • Is there an msds for this?

    Yes. Please contact customer support at 866-536-7393 to obtain an MSDS. You can also contact a Project Support Specialist at 636-288-8512. They will help you with this or any other question you have about Woodrich-Brand products or the wood restoration and preservation process in general.

  • Is this a powder or crystal that needs mixed and if so how many gallons will this product make?

    Yes. This product needs mixing with water. This size will make 20 gallons at full strength.