Pressure Treated Pine (PTP)

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Pressure Treated Pine, or “PTP,” is pine that has been chemically treated to deter rot, fungi and insects to prolong the longevity of the wood. Because of this process, projects using Pressure Treated Pine last considerably longer than using other wood.

When properly treated and maintained, the finished look of a PTP project is quite beautiful. The Woodrich Brand line of stains offer additional protection along with a rich appearance.

Types of Pine Used in PTP

Pine falls into one of two categories: Hard Pines and Soft Pines.

Soft Pines

These include Sugar, Western White and Eastern White. Soft pines have a low density and even grain. Also, the transition from earlywood to latewood is gradual. It is not uncommon to find boards milled from Eastern White pine.

Hard Pines

Hard pines is a much broader category. This type of wood differs from soft pine in density, hardness and grain consistency. Also, the abrupt transition from earlywood to latewood dictates an uneven grain. The most common subgroup of hard pines is Southern Yellow Pine.

The Pressure Treatment Process

There are two common preservation methods. The Pressure Treatment Process is more effective, while the non-pressure topical application process has no lasting effect on the wood.

Pressure treating lumber started more than 70 years ago. Through this process, wood is placed in a holding tank and air is removed from the wood through depressurization. Then a chemical cocktail is forced into the open spaces left in the wood. Other types of pressure treatments include Full-Cell, Fluctuation Pressure, High Pressure Sap Displacement and Boucherie.

Due to health concerns, the chemicals used in the pressure treatment process have changed over the years. The changes in treatments has also resulted in a much more predictable and safe for users.

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Pressure Treated Pine (PTP) Uses

PTP is a versatile, long-lasting material that is popular in construction because of it being a highly affordable and accessible material. Projects constructed using pressure treated pine often include decks, porch railings, stairs, siding and fences. There are many uses of PTP, such as a finish wood and structural foundations.

When routinely maintained with Woodrich Brand wood care products, pressure treated projects will look beautiful for decades.

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