June 17

Beautiful Stain for a Pine Wood Deck Restoration Project in Chesapeake, VA


Here is a stunning wood deck restoration project from one of our customers in Chesapeake, VA. Oleg replaced all of the boards on his deck in July 2020 with pressure-treated premium pine. 


Oleg knew he wanted to keep his investment in good condition, so he looked into how to stain a pine deck and how to protect a deck from moisture. Oleg knew that pressure-treated wood still needs a way to resist the elements since pressure-treating only protects against some rot and insect damage. After some research, he chose our Wood Restoration Project Kit to help him handle it himself.

He allowed the freshly replaced boards to sit for a few months, to allow them to dry. Once the wood shrunk and started to absorb water, he knew it was time to get to work. You can always check the readiness of new wood for stain by dripping some water on the surface and seeing how quickly it is absorbed. If your pine is readily soaking up water, it should be dry enough to stain. 


Wow! After staining the new boards, Oleg’s deck really shines. The Warm Honey Gold color Timber Oil was a great choice because it complements the different types of wood in the railing and brightens up the backyard. 

Timber Oil is currently available in five different colors, and if you want to see for yourself how easy it is to apply, the Sample Kit is a great way to test it out. Oleg’s choice of the Warm Honey Gold has been a very popular one this year, and you can see an example of a Warm Honey Gold cedar deck belonging to another satisfied customer.  

How Oleg Handled His Deck Restoration Project

Oleg first treated the deck with EFC-38, then power washed it before using Citralic Wood Neutralizer & Brightener. He used a sprayer to apply each product, which is our favorite method for large DIY jobs like this deck restoration project. 

Oleg said, “Even though the wood was new, the Brightener really brought out the bright color of the wood!” After preparing the deck, he let it dry for two days. 

Once the deck could again absorb water, Oleg applied the Warm Honey Gold Timber Oil. He covered the boards with oil until they stopped absorbing it. He used around nine gallons to coat his 800 sq. feet deck, all the railings, and the fascia boards. 

Oleg said, “The product is very easy to apply and nearly impossible to mess up!” He used a sprayer and touched things up with a pad; he must have read our guide on all the ways to apply stain. Timber Oil will not leave behind drips, streaks, or darker areas, because it all soaks into the wood easily and readily, without any sort of careful measurement needed. 

What is in a Woodrich Brand Restoration Project Kit?

The Woodrich Brand Restoration Project Kit has each of our formulas that you might need for a deck restoration project. These products are best suited to softwoods such as pine, cedar, fir, redwood, or cypress, and can be used on a fence, deck, gazebo, or even wood siding. 

Each item we have included plays an important role in the process, cleaning, brightening, and staining your wood to look refreshed and last for years to come. And both the 750 square foot Project Kit and 1500 square foot Project Kit offer nice cost savings as opposed to buying each piece separately. 

Here is what the Restoration Project Kit includes:

  • EFC-38 removes old finish, dirt, mildew, mold, and grime to prepare old and weathered wood for reconditioning. 
  • Citralic is a neutralizer and brightener that restores the natural beauty of your wood and primes it for a fresh stain.
  • Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain works by diving deep into the wood to fill all of the vacant space while keeping water out. It also blocks out damaging UV rays, while adding a color of your choice to the wood. 
A fantastic final result! Great work, Oleg!

A Job Well Done

Oleg wanted to let us know how happy he was with the result of his deck restoration project, and we at Woodrich agree that it turned out beautifully. We always appreciate hearing about the experiences of people who care about their wood additions as much as we do. We are sure Oleg and his adorable pup have already been enjoying their time on the deck this summer. 

If you have a success story of your own or were inspired to work on your home, contact our Project Support team for help choosing the best solutions for you. We also welcome any pictures of pets, if they are half as cute as Oleg’s corgi.



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