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Staining a New Cedar Deck in Luxemburg, WI 

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Bright and beautiful! This new cedar deck turned out great after a thorough application of an oil-based wood stain.

Up near Green Bay, in Luxemburg, Wisconsin, this deck is ready for grilling out all summer. We are fairly certain it is cedar, based on the wood’s grain and natural red color. Thanks to Timber Oil, this deck will have no problem surviving Wisconsin’s long, snowy winters. 

Before: New Cedar Deck

Well-constructed and clearly planned out (love the designated grill spot), this new cedar deck was built in the fall, to allow it to age before staining. Untreated cedar loses its natural color just like most woods, fading to a weathered grey. To get the most out of a new deck, you can stain it and restore a bright hue like the Honey Gold that James chose. 

Walter the cat surveyed the new deck and likely claimed it as part of his territory, as cats seem to always do. James wanted to keep Walter happy, so he knew he had to protect the deck from moisture and the sun’s UV rays.

While James was searching for the best finish for a cedar deck, he learned about the many benefits of a deep penetrating oil-based stain. Confidently, he chose Woodrich Brand’s Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain as the best choice for his deck. James also picked up our ECF38 and Citralic treatments, to make sure the deck was in peak condition before staining. 

staining a new cedar deck, before picture featuring Walter the black cat
Walter surveying his new deck

After: New Cedar Deck

The brilliant Honey Gold color of the fresh stain stands out next to James’ well-manicured lawn. The cedar itself looks brand new again, thanks to the pre-stain conditioning. Even an older deck can look this good when you choose the right methods and products. 

This is, simply, a job well done. When you go through each stage of proper staining: cleaning, stripping, brightening, and staining, it feels great to have such a stunning final product.  

staining a new cedar deck, after photo with Honey Gold coloring
The Honey Gold color, brightening up the backyard

How to Get This Look: Staining a New Cedar Deck

Cedar is a great choice for outdoor additions like a deck or pergola. It has many properties and uses, but even though it is durable, no wood is truly waterproof on its own. Protecting cedar with a deep penetrating oil stain is an important step to keeping moisture out of your wood and prolonging its lifespan. 

There are many ways to apply stain and we have a whole guide about your staining options. If the Honey Gold color is not for you, we have Timber Oil in five colors and a Sample Kit, so you can see it in person. 

Cleaning, Stripping, and Brightening the Wood

James used Woodrich Brand’s ECF38 Wood Cleaner and Mild Stripper to remove any stains, mold, or grime that had built up over a long winter and rainy spring. He followed it up with our Citralic Wood Brightener and Neutralizer. Citralic neutralizers any extra cleaning solution and brightens wood until it looks brand new. 

This two-step preparation process will ensure a stain is successful and your wood looks as good as possible. It is also why our Wood Restoration Project Kit includes both treatments and one of the most popular options for DIY lovers. 

The Importance of Patience

Many deck owners do not know how long to wait to stain a new cedar deck. Thankfully, James did his homework and the result turned out fantastic. This new cedar deck was built in September, and James waited until the boards were ready to soak up the stain. The stain DIY project took place in the following May, with a total wait time of around eight months. 

Now, eight months is a long time and a lot of wear and tear will ravage the deck, but you can’t exactly stain in the dead of winter. The best time frame to stain new cedar is about two or three months after installation, so it can dry out and be ready to absorb the stain. Rushing this process and trying to stain fresh wood will likely end in a waste of stain. 

Luckily, with ECF38 and Citralic that weathering will be mostly undone, allowing an even, deep stain. 

Get It Right the First Time

Whether you too have a new cedar deck or have built another outdoor addition to your home, know that all outdoor wood needs some form of protection against the elements. A high-quality stain like Woodrich Brand Timber Oil goes on quickly and easily, and it will protect your hard work for years to come. 

James made some smart decisions: investing in cedar, being patient, protecting his deck with Timber Oil, and keeping Walter happy. This new cedar deck will keep looking like new with minimal work; a light coat reapplication can freshen up the rich color in a couple of years when it starts to fade. 

He is probably enjoying the deck this weekend, grilling up some dinner, or spending time with family or friends out in the sun. No doubt anyone who sees it will be envious of the gorgeous finish. Let us know when we can stop by for a beer and a brat, James! 

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