January 22

Ipe Deck Maintenance: Full Restoration


Photo compliments of Carolina ProWash

Project Description: Ipe Deck Full Restoration

An Ipe deck is a wonderful addition to any home. If left too long between professional services, a full restoration and other Ipe deck maintenance steps may become necessary. There were quite a few factors in play on this beautiful ipe deck. It had an oil-based coating left too long without maintenance, built-in planter boxes, permanently affixed benches and a fixed irrigation system for surrounding landscaping.

Ipe Deck Maintenance

Smaller issues like ring stains resulting from potted plants set directly on the wood and grease stains from the grill had to be addressed.  The often shaded areas of this Ipe deck had begun to mildew, while the more sun exposed wood was showing signs of UV degradation and silvering. All of these issues factored into the restoration plan.

The Preparation: Ipe Deck Cleaner

The first step was to protect the plantings around the deck as well as the siding on the house. The cleaner of choice was Woodrich Brand HD-80 at the recommended dilution, applied with a pump up sprayer then rinsed well using high volume but low pressure with a power washer. The shaded areas with more mildew than oxidation required a second application of cleaner, while the more oxidized areas (bench tops, steps and sunny deck flooring) only needed a minimally mixed cleaner. Once the deck was thoroughly rinsed, Woodrich Brand Citralic acid was applied to neutralize and then rinsed well again. The deck dried for approximately two days afterward.

Ipe deck cleaner – Photo compliments of Carolina ProWash

Even under the best of washing circumstances, there is always an opportunity for “furring” of the wood.  Those little wood fibers can be very uncomfortable when they let go and become a splinter! Our contractor used a specialized tool to “buff” the wood and remove the furred wood fibers. It was also important not to close the pores of the wood. The result was a smooth finish any barefoot would love.

Ipe Deck Maintenance & Restoration – The Finished Product

Once the buffing is complete, our contractors chose to finish this project with Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Stain in Warm Honey Gold. They applied stain generously applied with a rag, allowing to reach maximum absorption, then wiped excess stain with another rag.

Once applied, the oils take time to settle properly into the wood. Our contractor advised traffic and furniture placement were to wait 24-48 hours. The homeowner was provided several recommendations to ensure the deck stayed this beautiful.

Photo Compliments of Carolina ProWash
Photo Compliments of Carolina ProWash

This Ipe Deck Restoration project was completed by one of our Preferred Contractors, Carolina ProWash LLC. For more information on Ipe deck maintenance, visit our blog here.


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