Hardwood Deck Stain Color Options

Choosing a Hardwood Deck Stain – What are the wood deck stain options?

When you think about choosing a hardwood deck stain color, the first thing to consider is what you want the finish to look like.  Most people who invest in an exotic hardwood like Ipe, Garapa, Cambara or Purple Heart choose the material based on its natural beauty.  Most often, when I ask, I hear that ideally the person would like to preserve the way the fresh cut wood looks when it is wet.  You can see the rich color and natural beauty of wood when it is wet.

The best way to preserve this look is to choose a hardwood deck stain color tone that matches the color of the wood when it is damp or wet.  Of course, you wouldn’t want to use any type of solid finish that would hide the grain and detail of the wood.  Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping Stain is available in four highly transparent color tones. No matter what species of lumber you choose Woodrich Brand likely has a hardwood deck stain color that will closely match. You can also blend the colors to create even more possibilities.

Woodrich Brand offers Hardwood Deck Stain Color sample kits. This is the perfect option if you would like to actually test the colors on your own wood before making a selection.  Each species of wood has its own natural color and variations.  Even different trees of the same species will vary on color and grain detail.  It would be exceedingly rare to find a deck where all of the boards are a perfect natural match.  For this reason, as well as personal preference, it is impossible to say one specific color will be perfect for any specific species of wood in every case.

Wood Deck Stain Options

We can make the following recommendations based on “popularity.”  If nothing else, this should provide a decent jumping off point.  Ultimately whichever hardwood deck stain color you choose should be the one that you think looks best.

  • Cambara
  • Cumaru – Amaretto
  • Garapa – Warm Honey Gold
  • Ipe – Amaretto
  • Teak – Brown Sugar
  • Purple Heart – Western Cedar

Hardwood Deck Stain Color Examples

This is an Ipe deck in Livingston, NJ. In this picture, the hardwood deck has been cleaned with the EFC-38 cleaner and mild stripper. Next, it was treated with the Citralic brightener/neutralizer. This step conditions the pH of the wood and prepares it to readily accept the stain.  When the wood is dry, it is hard to see all of its natural grain and detail.

Ipe hardwood deck stain project
Ipe Deck that is cleaned and conditioned for staining.

After applying Woodrich Brand Hardwood Wiping stain in the Amaretto color all the details pop. It’s easy to see why Ipe is such a popular choice for exotic hardwood decks.  When you apply the right hardwood deck stain color it really looks amazing.

Hardwood Deck Stain Options - Amaretto on Ipe
The Amaretto Hardwood Deck Stain brings out the natural beauty of Ipe

We would like to thank J.T. From Livingston, NJ for sending us these photos. It always makes my day when a see a picture that includes a family pet!

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