September 1

EFC-38 Used in Pollen & Moss Removal

Cedar Deck Stain & Cedar Deck Stain Cleaner

Pollen & Moss Removal Using the EFC-38 Mild Wood Stripper and Citralic Brightener & Neutralizer

Over time, wood decks and homes can develop pollen and moss if not properly taken care of. If left untreated, it can be impossible to walk on it without slipping. This is a Cedar deck and house that due to not properly maintaining it, got a build up of moss and pollen on it. We recommended the customer to use the EFC-38 Wood Cleaner and Mild Stripper plus Citralic Neutralizer and Brightener for this project.

They found the application process to be easy and were very happy with the outcome. As a result, this process took care of the issue and brought the wood back to life! Most of all, the deck can be walked on with no incidents due to slipping. The project showed a restored and protected cedar deck and house at its best.

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Check out this cedar deck stain process

Check out this cedar deck cleaner in action!

Cedar deck stain project


Brightener, Citralic, EFC-38, Neutralizer, Stripper

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