June 5

Freshly DIY Restored Pine Deck in Fremont, NH

This solid pine deck was DIY restored by the owner after five years, looking brand new after a penetrating oil stain in rich brown color. 

The lower deck that holds the hot tub was added five years later, but the uniform staining after the upper deck was restored makes them match beautifully. 

Before: DIY Restored Pine Deck

Bill, the homeowner, clearly takes pride in his deck, and for good reason. It is a sturdy-looking pressure-treated pine deck that makes a great place to spend time or socialize with friends or family. Bill even added on the lower deck in 2020 so that a hot tub could be attached. 

The lower deck is 5 years younger than the upper deck

After an addition is an excellent time to stain again so that fresh wood and older parts can match. New pressure-treated wood also needs a way to resist the UV rays of the sun and moisture from the air or inclement weather. Bill knew he was capable of doing it himself since he had used Woodrich Brand stains on the deck originally. And this DIY restored pine deck looks fantastic after he put in the time and effort to do it properly. 

Bill was happy with the Woodrich Brand Timber Oil in the Brown Sugar color, and he decided to reapply it again this time. After he looked into how to prepare an old deck for staining, he opted for one of our Restoration Project Kits

The weathered pine could use a little work before a new stain is applied

After: DIY Restored Pine Deck

The warm Brown Sugar color stands out next to the home’s siding and has restored the deck to a rich color. The Timber Oil will also protect the deck from snowy New Hampshire winters and splashed hot tub water. 

Bill did a great job preparing the pine for staining, and the result has an even tone from a smooth application. Oil-based stains should last for a couple of years, but Bill could easily keep the color this vivid by applying a fresh coat each spring. 

This DIY restored pine deck is absolutely ready for entertaining or unwinding after a long day. Even Bill’s adorable canine companion seems to approve of the restoration. 

The restored deck is earning some tail wags from Bill’s supervisor

How to Get This Look: DIY Restored Pine Deck

A pressure-treated pine deck can last for decades with proper care, but many people do not realize that the pressure treatment offers no protection from moisture and the sun. Thankfully, Bill protected his deck with Timber Oil from the beginning, and this deck still looks great. 

For soft woods, we cannot recommend a penetrating oil stain enough. The Woodrich Brand Timber Oil soaks deep into the wood and repels water. Bill chose to use the Brown Sugar color again, but there are now five colors to choose from. If you would like to test out the Timber Oil or are not sure which color would look best, a Sample Color Kit is the wisest place to start.  

Restoring Wood Before Staining

Before applying a fresh coat of stain to older wood, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface and strip any lingering surface treatments or stains. The EFC38 Wood Cleaner & Mild Stripper is a powerful yet safe way to clear away any previous stains. It will also remove any mildew, mold, and grime that has built up over the years. 

To ensure your wood is fully restored, you can revive the original look using a surface treatment to brighten and neutralize the wood’s pH. Citralic Wood Brightener & Neutralizer will make aging and weathered wood such as pressure-treated pine look as fresh as possible. Once your deck is cleaned and looking brand new, then you can stain. 

Before applying your stain, you should double-check that the wood is dry enough to absorb it. Simply dropping a bit of water on the surface, and seeing how quickly the wood drinks it up, can provide you with enough information for most purposes. 

For a deck as stunning as Bill’s, you can use a Restoration Project Kit to DIY your deck through each of these steps.  

Get the Most Out of Your Deck

If you love spending time on your deck half as much as Bill and his dog do, protecting your pine deck can keep it functional and looking great for decades to come. The Timber Oil will last for years and can be replenished with a quick coat each year. 

Excellent job on the restoration, Bill, and you chose the perfect color. We can’t wait to see your next project!


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