July 17

Cumaru Decking Restoration Project in Lakeville, MN

We were excited to hear about this Cumaru deck cleaning project in Lakeville, MN. Cumaru is not as popular here in the Midwest, as some of the other exotic hardwood species. This wood is similar in both weight and hardness to Ipe lumber. Cumaru has interlocking grain which makes it both attractive and durable.

Cumaru, like any wood exposed to sunlight, will naturally turn silver or grey.  This sun’s UV rays “bleach” out the natural sugars and oils that give wood its characteristic color. Left unprotected, cumaru will eventually turn a dark grey to almost black color.

Weathered Cumaru Decking
Cumaru deck cleaning and staining project in Lakeville, MN

To restore a cumaru decking to a fresh cut appearance Woodrich Brand offers a couple different wood cleaning and brightening kits. For this specific deck cleaning project, the homeowner chose the Heavy Duty wood restoration kit. The first step is to gently remove the dead grey wood fibers from the surface. In this case, the stripper is applied to the cumaru decking. The stripper is then allowed to dwell for a few minutes. After the stripper has had time to work, the surface is gently power washed. This will completely strip away the dead grey wood.

Deck Cleaning and Staining Cumaru

Cumaru Decking After Cleaning
Cumaru Deck After Cleaning

After you clean and strip the wood, its time to apply a brightener. The brightener goes on and then balances the pH and brightens the wood.  Brightening the wood is important both for aesthetics and also to condition the wood for a stain or sealer. For a natural finish, we recommend the Hardwood Wiping Stain in the Amaretto color. The amaretto color closely matches the color of fresh cut Cumaru wood when it is wet. This allows you to protect the wood from damaging UV rays while still being able to enjoy all the natural details of the wood.

Restored Cumaru Decking
Cumaru Deck Cleaning and Staining Project in Lakeville, MN
Clean Cumaru Decking
Clean Cumaru Decking

Thanks to B.H. of Lakeville, MN for sending us these photos! Your deck cleaning and staining project look great. It looks like you had a steady companion! I always love to see pictures of peoples pets, I just wish I knew his/her name.


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