The best deck stain for your project – How to decide?

How do you pick the best deck stain?

Trying to choose the best deck stain for your project can seem confusing.  There are many different types of exterior deck stain.  If you have spent time researching this topic you will know there are also many different and often conflicting opinions.  Deck stain professionals may offer one opinion while manufacturers say something different.  Your building contractor may recommend waiting a certain amount of time before applying deck stain.  The painting contractor or lumber supplier may have a completely different opinion.
It will be much easier for you to choose the right stain for your project if you know the answer to these three questions.
  • Why do you want to apply a deck stain?
  • What type of finish are you looking for?
  • What is the right type of stain for your project?

Why Apply Deck Stain?

You might want to apply a deck stain because you don’t like the look of natural wood.  You may want a deck that has a painted look.  If this is the case you definitely want a solid color stain. You may enjoy watching the natural process of wood graying out over time.  If you want that natural silver grey patina you don’t want a pigmented stain.  You should look for a deck sealer that does not have UV blocking pigments.  Do you love the look of the fresh cut wood?  Do you like the details you see when the wood is damp or wet?  If that’s the case, you want a stain that has highly transparent pigments that match the natural color of your wood.  When you know exactly why you want to stain your deck, you can rule out all the information that does not apply.

What type of finish are you looking for?

The way a deck stain looks when it is dry or cured is called a “finish”.  A product that forms a film on the surface might have a shiny finish.  Do you want a very natural look that is extremely easy to maintain?  You are looking for paraffin oil based deck stain.  You might prefer a little luster but nothing too shiny.  If so, you want a penetrating deck stain that cures at the surface but not a film forming deck stain.

What is the Best Deck Stain for You?

You can protect a new construction project right away. Some types of stain are formulated for new wood.  Maybe you have an exotic hardwood deck?  Look for a product that is compatible with your dense wood.  You could have an old weathered deck that you are restoring.  Consider a stain that is high in resin content.  If you have a pressure treated pine deck but you like the look of cedar you will need a stain that is tinted properly to deliver that result.
When you have the answer to these three questions you will be able to eliminate all of the types of product that are not right for you.  You will also know what deck staining advise is appropriate for your situation.  This will make it much easier for you to decide exactly which deck stain is going to be perfect for your specific project.

Where to Get Deck Stain Help?

If you are not sure how to answer each of those questions or would like help in deciding what type of stain is right for you, feel free to give me a call.  I am happy to help you decide what type of product you should be looking for.  You can reach me at 636-288-8512

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