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These 10-Year-Old Cedar Porch Steps Look “Like New” in Chapel Hill, TN

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Would you believe that these cedar porch steps are ten years old? Well, according to Douglas of Chapel Hill, they have served him well for a decade. They have been well taken care of, and the transformation shows that Doug cares about his home.  

The age and history of the steps mean we can’t be completely sure of the type of wood. But, it looks like it is probably cedar to us. No matter the type of wood, the rich grain of these softwood steps looks fantastic. Doug’s DIY project staining his old deck stairs really paid off. 

Before: Staining Old Cedar Porch Steps

Here you can see the steps after they have been stripped, cleaned, and brightened. Doug’s cat Bob seems skeptical about the project, as most cats do about everything. 

stripped and cleaned cedar porch steps
Bob says, “Get back to work!”

Doug used ECF-38 Cleaner & Stripper to clear up his weathered, greying cedar steps. Then, he washed them and applied Citralic Brightener & Neutralizer to purge the steps of chemical imbalances and freshen up the appearance. Smart move — they already look improved in the first pictures. 

After: Staining Old Cedar Porch Steps

Doug knew he needed to protect these cedar steps with a high-quality stain, to get another 10 years out of them. And once he saw the beautiful natural grain of the wood after preparation, he knew a warm-colored stain would look great. 

He chose Woodrich Brand Timber Oil, our Deep Penetrating Wood Stain for softwoods like cedar, fir, and pine. The Western Cedar color is one of the most popular options for Timber Oil, but there are 5 gorgeous colors to complement any style of home or landscaping. 

These deck stairs are about 10 years old – now they look amazing and like new! Water runs right off with no annoying gloss.” – Doug from Chapel Hill, TN

Douglas wrote us such a kind note about his steps. He told us that water rolls right off the surface now, meaning these cedar steps are protected. The Timber Oil soaked in well and as always, it left no drip marks or overlap lines behind.  

cedar porch steps after staining
Looking great with the Western Cedar color! May they last for many more decades.

How to Make Your Wood Look Like New

The key to restoring the natural beauty of wood starts with undoing the effects of time and weathering. Doug knew this, and started by stripping, cleaning, and brightening his wood steps. You can see in the before pictures how the grain of the wood shows up nicely. They already look cleaner after proper preparation. 

Woodrich Brand has developed our own specialized line of products for restoration, since our Timber Oil deserves to be used on prepared wood. Woodrich Restoration Kits come with EFC-38, our cleaner and stripper. They also include Citralic which is a combination of two powerful, natural acids that brighten and neutralize the pH levels of your wood. 

Doug used the right products to restore his cedar porch steps. You can get these results, too.

To remove even the most difficult stains and sealers from your deck or stairs, our HD80 Heavy Duty Stripper might be needed. HD80 can handle just about everything you will want to remove from the wood before it is freshly stained. If you are not sure about the condition of your wood, you may want to try out some options. We offer a Sample Kit with ECF-38, Citralic, and the heavy-duty HD80. Try these solutions on your old, weathered wood. Then you will have a better idea of what you need for your DIY project. 

Take Your Own “Before” Pictures

If it’s time to restore your wood to its former self, take some pictures of your cedar porch steps, deck, or any project before you start. You may not believe the change that can occur when you use the best products to restore, stain, and protect your wood!

We love to see how Woodrich Brand has improved people’s homes. And if you are still not sure where to start, send some “before” pictures to our customer support team. They can help you decide the best solution for your aging wood steps, deck, siding, or anything that needs some care. 

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