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The Gorgeous Result of Staining a New Porch Swing in Kansas City, KS

Staining a New Porch Swing: Before and After Photos

These pictures were submitted by Bryan in Kansas City, KS, and we were thrilled to see them. Not only is this a gorgeous application of our Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain, but Bryan included his DIY project teammates in his photos. We are glad he had help while staining a new porch swing, and they all did a great job. 

We think Bryan’s choice of the Brown Sugar color was spot on, and if you want to learn more about all our color options (or see a cute dog) keep reading! 

Before: Staining a New Porch Swing

This is a great-looking porch swing, and we are glad to see that Bryan did it justice by choosing a wonderful stain. He set up for this DIY staining project on the back deck, using a tarp to protect his deck from being stained before its turn. We think this is probably cedar, but the type of wood was not included in the email we received. 

Since Bryan stained his new porch swing on a tarp, we think it’s likely he used a cloth, brush, or wiping pad to apply the thick, oil-based Timber Oil wood stain. You can also use a sprayer or paint roller to apply our stains, but those would probably be difficult with the small workspace and all the slats of the porch swing seat. 

After: Staining a New Porch Swing

While our stains are incredibly easy to use and never leave drips or runs, we don’t want to take too much credit. Bryan did all the hard work on this project: preparing the wood, staining the porch swing, and hanging it on the front porch. Well, he did some of the hard work – we all know that hanging a porch swing is a two-person-and-a-dog job. His after photo features the other person responsible, enjoying the new swing. 

The Brown Sugar color looks fantastic here! It always looks nice paired with white paint, like on this front porch railing. Besides looking good, this porch swing is also ready to survive the dry, cold winters in Kansas. The wood is safe, thanks to the deep penetrating protection of a high-quality wood stain. So even on the days when it is too cold to sit outside, Bryan and his team can feel proud knowing their hard work is paying off. 

Choosing a Wood Stain Color for a New Project

If you have invested in a new addition to your home like Bryan’s new porch swing, you might be a bit nervous about staining it. And if you are a woodworker who just wrapped up an indoor woodworking project this winter, you may dread staining your newly finished DIY project, if you worry about disliking the color once it dries. We understand your hesitation to try a new stain, even a premium stain with as many 5-star customer reviews as our Timber Oil! 

So, to help ease your mind and allow for the perfect finish, Woodrich Brand offers Sample Kits of both our Timber Oil and our Hardwood Wiping stains. Using one of the stain Sample Kits is the only way to know for certain what your wood will look like after staining. 

Test out a small amount of the stain on a part of the project that will not be showing. For example, a small spot on the bottom of a seat while staining a new porch swing works great. Wait until it dries to check if you are satisfied with the color. Both of Woodrich Brand’s wood stains are deep penetrating and should hold their color for a long time – especially if you prepared the area with Citralic to brighten the natural wood. 

Of course, Timber Oil comes in Brown Sugar, as seen on this beautiful porch swing. It is also available in Amaretto, Warm Honey Gold, Western Cedar, and Woodrich Brand’s Signature Brown. Our Hardwood Wiping Stain offers four options: Warm Honey Gold, Amaretto, Western Cedar, and Brown Sugar. For examples of each color, in some of our customers’ backyards and homes, check out more examples here on our blog. 

Know Your Wood Type

If you are not sure what type of wood you are dealing with, you can usually check the difference between softwood and hardwood and determine which group it’s in. Examples of hardwood include oak and teak. The most common hardwoods for landscaping projects or architectural add-ons are exotic hardwoods like mahogany, ipe, and garapa. 

Make sure to get the Timber Oil Sample Kit if you are working with softwood like pine, cedar, or redwood. If your new porch swing, deck, or steps are hardwood, go for the Hardwood Wiping stain Sample Kit. Both Sample Kits come with a coupon to put towards your next order, once you’ve fallen in love with one of the colors and are ready to stain.

Show Us What You’re Working On!

We love to see creative uses and beautiful examples of the Woodrich Brand wood stains, like Bryan’s porch swing staining project. If you have been working on some indoor projects during the cold months, send us some pictures! And if you are planning something big for the Spring,  call our Project Support Team at (636) 288-8512 with any questions. 

We can help you decide on the right stain, wood preparation chemicals, and help you choose a color. Check out other posts on our blog page for tool and technique suggestions for your planned staining project. 

Good luck – we can’t wait to see what you’ve stained. And don’t forget to take some “before” photos! 


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