Board and Batten Style Hemlock Siding Featuring Woodrich Brand Timber Oil Stain

This remote cabin was stick built and then sided with rough sawn hemlock in the board and batten style. The remote location presented a challenge when it came to prepping the wood for the timber oil stain. Using the normal cleaner and brightener was not an option for this wood stain project. The wood was allowed to weather for several months before the stain was applied.

Wood stain project with new hemlock siding
Hemlock siding installed in the board and batten style

Woodrich Brand Timber Oil stain can be applied to new construction projects right away. We do usually recommend that new construction is treated with a wood cleaner and brightener prior to staining. Because that was not an option for this project, the best course of action was to wait and let the wood age a bit.

Woodrich Timber Oil Stain project
Inside the Wood Stain Project: After a little natural weathering, this board and batten hemlock is ready to be protected.

Rough Sawn Hemlock Board and Batten Siding with Timber Oil Stain in Brown Sugar

Woodrich Brand Timber Oil can be applied by brush, stain pad, rag, sprayer or any combination. The goal is always to allow the wood to soak up as much product as possible. Most often it is fastest and easiest to spray the stain onto the wood and then lay it out with a brush or stain pad. This is sometimes called “flood coating.” You use the sprayer (a pump style garden sprayer with a fan tip works great) to flood the surface of the wood with stain. Then you give it a few minutes to soak up as much stain as possible. Finally, if needed, you can use a brush or stain pad to move excess stain that didn’t soak into a dry area you have not stained yet. This method for timber oil stain works very well with a board and batten style of siding.

Saturating the wood with stain means the protection will last much longer than a simple surface staining. Allowing the wood to soak up as much stain as possible also results in a rich beautiful finish.

The Finished Wood Stain Project

Hemlock Board and Batten Siding with Timber Oil Stain in Brown Sugar
The Timber Oil Stain in Brown Sugar was an excellent choice for this hemlock siding.

We would like to thank P.G. of Pittsburgh PA for sharing these project photos with us. Way to rock the hemlock, you did an outstanding job! Click here to view our products.

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