Beautiful Garapa Wood Deck Stain in Browntown, VA

This beautiful new Garapa wood deck that overlooks a fantastic hilly view in Browntown, VA was recently laid by the homeowner and was ready to be stained.

He wanted to beat the cold weather at the end of the summer and also some rain that was on its way the next night so he hurried along the project. He sanded the large garapa wood deck and applied Woodrich Wiping Stain in Warm Honey Gold all in one go.

The homeowner said he applied the stain mostly in the dark without taking sufficient time to let it sink in and to be wiped off. Typically, we recommend sanding the area well and wiping down the wood with a damp rag prior to staining. This helps to raise the grain. Another option is to at the very least brush off the area with a clean brush.

How to Apply Wood Deck Stain

Typically, when applying exotic hardwood wiping stain, you can use any method you are comfortable with. Apply the stain with a roller, brush, mop, stain pad, sprayer or any other common material applicator. Apply enough stain to saturate the wood completely while working in sections. Work for about 5 minutes, stop applying stain and go back over the entire section with a dry rag to remove any excess stain.  This will prevent any sticky, shiny spots.

Great End Result!

Despite the fact that he did the project in a hurry and some in the dark, he said it turned out great. We completely agree, and what a beautiful view!

He said he loves how this stain really does highlight the garapa wood’s natural beauty. His neighbors noted how amazing his deck now looks. The neighbor plans to give his deck the attention it deserves in the near future with more quality Woodrich products!

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