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Woodrich Oil Stains Hit the Mark

Local products were not meeting our needs. We had used other types of stains in the past, some were good, but as often happen, products become unavailable. We are general contractors, with experience in all phases of construction. Including heavy equipment, which for this application, a new wood plank equipment trailer treatment. Several coats when

Reed Fitzpatrick
November 28, 2021


Goes on very smooth and even out of a regular pump sprayer. Great penetration too ! Exactly what I was looking for in the amaretto color. Looks fabulous and we get a ton of compliments.
Love the customer support as well.

Patrick Kehoe
October 7, 2021

multiple return customer

So glad I found this stain years ago, and the amaretto is the best for cedar and pressure treated. I will always use this product because everything else is junk in comparison. Great customer service too.

Jim Bower
September 16, 2021

Fabulous as always! Return Customer!

Super product! Super Service!! Will be a customer forever!!!

dana L vacca
August 31, 2021

Best ever!!

We have been using a large namebrand sealant and stain for years. Every year we had to completely redo what we had done the year before and it got really old. By mid summer, the stain had faded horribly and the water repellency was gone. We put this on last summer and everywhere it was

Jackie Stevens
August 27, 2021


I was very impressed with this product. I stain a lot of fences and decks and the fact that I didn’t have to back roll after spraying says a lot! It lays very smooth and the color is phenomenal. Great product!

David St. James Jr
August 15, 2021

Fabulous product!!

I have used so many products over the years that promised to be the best only to be disappointed. This company will forever be my go to. Customer service is great and I love my deck and ease of application. My deck is just pine and I used Signature Brown they suggested when I called

Judy Stetten
August 9, 2021

Great product

I’ve been using it on my deck since it was new about 10 years ago. Looks fantastic and does the job.

Pete Strom
August 8, 2021

Best stuff ever for my deck!

Best because it it is an oil based product that penitrates deep into the wood, not a water based product that washes away with the rain and snow. I’m retreating it every other year whether it looks like it needs it or not, lots cheaper than replacing the deck. I spray it on with a

Steve Edwards
July 25, 2021

Test Kit

Got the sample kit and could not have been happier. All of the samples have a “natural” color/look which is what made us pick this brand compared to the 10 other stain samples

August Brimer
July 23, 2021

7th Year using it

We first used the Timber Oil for our new Cedar deck in 2014 and it exceeded our expectations in every way. We cleaned and re applied with Timber Oil “Brown Sugar” in June of this year and our deck looks like its brand new and this is on a deck in the Upper Peninsula of

John Teske
July 14, 2021

Perfect every time!

I was new to Timber Oil 3 years ago and will use it for evermore, it’s a flawless system, beautiful.

Barbara Hurd
June 24, 2021

Great as always.

I have used your products for over seven years now with excellent results. I highly recommend your entire line.

David A Toops
June 21, 2021

Couldn’t be happier

The last time my husband stained the deck (with Woodrich), he did it with a brush.. But there’s been two knee replacements since then, so he needed another method. We called Woodrich and were told our best bet was to use a little spray and then a stain pad. Worked great. I’m impressed that shipping

Cheryl Marsh
June 7, 2021

Outstanding service and product

The timber oil Western cedar never disappoints. Application is simple with easy clean up.. highly recommended.

Doug Sanders
June 4, 2021


This is a 4 year old pressure treated pine deck.  We had removed the old semi transparent stain in spring of 2020 and did first coat of Timber Oil Brown Sugar.  I decided to put the 2nd coat on this year Spring of 2021 and I’m thrilled with results.  Color is a little richer.  I’m

June 2, 2021

Very happy on new cedar.

We chose the Western Cedar color for a new fence built with kiln-dried cedar. The color comes out a reddish-orange with redder grain highlights; we love it. The product was very easy to brush on and came out with no runs or laps. We allowed the wood to be exposed for one month, and just

John C.
May 30, 2021

Easy to apply

Color looks great – long lasting
I use a sprayer to apply it

Leeann W
May 27, 2021

Nothing better on the market!

This is the only oil based stain product we will ever use. Easy. No lap marks. Used the product for the first time one year ago. Great coverage and has lasted.

Nancy Russ
May 27, 2021

Ease of use, color and saturation is outstanding.

After stripping old stain with HD-80 and brightening with Citralic wood brightener, deck was ready for the amaretto Timber Oil. Applied with pump sprayer and stain was absorbed into the cedar deck with ease. Over the years, i have used many stains – Sikkens, Benjamin Moore, and ready seal. None compare to the Woodrich product.

A. Golden
May 24, 2021

Easy to Use

I purchased the deck cleaner and brightened kit and the timber oil in Western Cedar. I chose that color based on samples that were sent. The products were easy to use and gave a great result. The only complaint is that the color on the deck was much more red than the sample that was

Carey Berend
May 12, 2021

Great Protection

I had old surface sealant on my deck and used the Woodrich heavy duty stripper to get the old finish off. Then I used the Woodrich deck cleaner/brightener which set me up for success. I refinished my deck with the Timber Oil Stain (Signature Brown) which went on easy and gives great protection to my

Justin Powers
May 12, 2021

Timber oil

My Opinion, The Best looking. Easiest application,, and the outdoors wood deck loves it!

Art Long
May 9, 2021

stain terrific

The stain looks great it was easy to apply and was easy to work with. A great product.

Ran st Boyles
May 6, 2021

Exceeded My Expectations

I had an old worn deck with many layers of old stain. The HD80 stripper with a power washer using a 1500 psi, 25 degree tip took 95% of the old stain off without damaging the wood. Just takes time and patience. After stripping and applying the wood brightener, I went over the deck and

Doug Crocker
April 10, 2021

Quality Stains

It’s nice to deal with a company that cares as much about your project as you do.Excellent service and Advice.

joseph aiello
April 5, 2021

Amazing customer service

I highly recommend this company. Initially we did not think we had received our order. (we actually had- it was our mistake) After contacting customer service our order was quickly reshipped. So appreciative of their generous response.

Jenifer Smith
January 13, 2021

Great Product

I am on my third year of using this product. Apply it every year since the deck was built from pressure treated lumber 3 years ago. It holds up great in my harsh Texas weather. Always looks brand new

Denise Creighton
December 6, 2020

A Really Great Product

I asked for this item to be ship ASAP to get it applied while the weather was still nice , and wasn’t disappointed. I was able to get it down and take advantage of a couple of nice days. I am very happy with the way it turned out. The area looks so much nicer

Dennis A Dinger
December 3, 2020

It was a job, but the results look great

For some reason, this is my first experience with caring for a wood structure. Having moved from Colorado to Texas, we had a very nice pergola built with quality wood. To protect our investiment I did considerable research and settled on the Amaretto colored Timber Oil. Staining each of the 70+ 2X2 lattice boards was

Bill Wiederspan
November 25, 2020


We have used your products many times and are always pleased with the results!

Charles J Schultz II
November 23, 2020

Best wood product I have used!

I applied Woodrich Timber Oil to my new deck over a year ago. It still looks great! It survived a Georgia Winter and summer no problem! We just built another deck and I have already order Timber Oil for it.

Gary G Hunt
November 20, 2020

Easy to apply

I got my order in 2 days-Yay! Nice weather in November allowed me to apply Woodrich Timber Oil in 2 coats over a 3 day weekend. Easy to apply, looks great . Will definitely reorder when it is time to redo the deck . I hope its lasts better than the “big home store ”

Steven Wampler
November 19, 2020

Excellent Products

I’ve tried many brands of stain over the past 22 years, nothing has compared to the excellent quality of the Woodrich brand. I purchased the stripping kit, applied it, pressure washed the old stain off and finished with the neutralizer/brighter and the wood was back to original bare wood state. I have cedar siding and

Deb Rufi
November 15, 2020

Great product

Great product

Bob Hughes
November 13, 2020

Timber oil on new PT wood deck

Amazing product. I re-built my deck and put all new pressure treated pine deck boards. After letting the wood dry for 2 months, I got Woodrich Project Kit. The application was super easy. The cleaner and brightener worked as advertised. Even new wood was visibly better looking after all prep work. I power washed after

Oleg K.
November 10, 2020

Timber oil

You can’t compare Woodrich timber oil stain to any other brand. It is the best oil stain available period!

Art Long
October 28, 2020

Great product

Looks great and very easy to apply. Highly recommended.

Robert Jack
October 25, 2020

The best

Love these timber oils easy to apply and long lasting. Fast delivery too.

John F Clark
October 25, 2020


I am very satisfied with the Timber Oil Signature Brown stain I purchased to cover the rough sawn fir and ponderosa board and batten. The logs were from standing dead from the Spring fire in Colorado so they were very thirsty. The coverage rates advertised were very close to what I experienced. I don’t normally

Wade Wisdom
October 24, 2020

sample kit

Thanks for the sample kit. Unlike one of your competitors, you provided an ample amount of stain in each bottle for testing
and retesting. I’m going to wait another 30 days before retesting because the pressure treated wood scraps used need to dry out more.

Henry J Polio
October 22, 2020

Great Product

Very satisfied with the product. Purchased Timber Oil Brown Sugar and applied to our new cedar, went on easy with no problems. Would never buy from anyone else again. Ordered and was delivered with in 2 days.

Jim Crossley
October 15, 2020

Even better

When we finished our new treated wood deck, it looked so nice that we almost didn’t want to stain it. Glad we did as it looks even better (and is much better protected). We used one coat of the Brown Sugar color. The Timber Oil applied easily with brush and staining pad, and cleaned off

Susan Zingaro
October 9, 2020

This is the real deal

The Timber Oil in the Brown Sugar was just what I was looking for. My wife and I were very unhappy with the looks of our 10′ x 62′ front porch. After 2 or 3 coats of stain/sealer combo over the last 10 years from the big box stores, you couldn’t see any of the

Steve Hissong
October 6, 2020

Great Product, easy to work with.

Installed new 12 x 12 deck using pressure treated pine. Waited 6 weeks and stained using Timber Oil Warm Honey Gold. The deck has railings on 2 sides and is 1 step up from lawn (small side curtains). Applied using 4 inch roller with 3/4 knap. The project used less than a gallon. Very easy

Richard Ham
October 1, 2020

Great Look

We used the Timber Oil products and our deck came out beautiful. The brown sugar stain looks very close to the color of wet cedar. We liked the look best after 2 coats.

Laura Frisch
September 24, 2020

Great Product

Very satisfied with ease of application and resulting color. Definitely much better than the box store options that I have used previously. Very good penetration .

Ronald Nedley
September 26, 2020

Wonderful Product; Would Highly Recommend to Anyone!

Great product! After using acrylic stain that just “sat” on top of the wood and peeled within a year, I was tired of having to to redo my deck every year!! I searched for a new product and found Woodrich! LOVE IT!!! It rejuvenated my old wood deck,…, actually seemed like it “fed” the wood,

Dana L Vacca
September 28, 2020


Best I have ever used, went down perfectly!

Patrick Kehoe
September 21, 2020

Good stuff

We have used the timber oil for years now. We have used it on the deck multiple times and also on wood shingle accent siding.
Never had any peeling with this product and our 20 year old deck drinks it right up. When it first goes on it looks quite patchy (it is 20

Annette Cook
September 8, 2020

Good product

Finished the 20+ year old deck! Sanded it all down then stained with your western cedar color Timber Oil stain. It looks really good. Thanks for a good product. Now we will wait and see how it stands up to Illinois weather.

Angela D Errion
September 4, 2020

Fence sprayed with Timber Oil Signature Brown

Awesome product, went really far with the nice deep brown color. Truly is fool-proof with overlaps and runs, it just soaks right in and stain level evens out. Customers were beyond satisfied with their natural looking protected deck.

Legacy Services
August 21, 2020

Deck refinished with Timber Oil Deep Penetrating Wood Stain – Western Cedar

I like the stain we purchased. It is very forgiving – if you get a spot of stain on the wood and don’t notice it, you aren’t stuck with a “stain spot”. The stain appears to level itself out and you don’t end up with a stain spot messing up your new stained deck. Our

Angela Errion
August 21, 2020

Easy to use stain

I used Amaretto Timber oil stain on both a wood door and on the timbers of a porch cover. Very easy to use product. No concerns about streaking, no worry about darker patches when I do a touch up of a spot I damaged, doesn’t have quick difficult drying. Very happy with this product and

Brent Robinett
August 20, 2020


I’m so impressed with these products they are truly awesome. The HD stripper is so effective it made my deck look like new. This is really a product that works as represented.

Joseph Rossi
August 20, 2020

Awesome product

Resurfaced our deck with new cedar boards. We used Woodrich Timber oil in brown sugar. Very easy to apply and looks awesome.

Mark Blasier
August 17, 2020

Excellent results as always

Amaretto Timber Oil stain
I love this stain as it always goes on so easily on pressure treated pine. Make sure you apply at least two coats for the prettiest deck you’ll ever have. At first it looks dark brown, but after a few weeks, it lightens to a red cedar appearance. Make sure

Jim Bower
August 16, 2020

Beautiful Color!

We picked the darkest stain for our new outdoor steps. Easy to apply, beautiful color – very happy with the finished product.

Johannes Boer
August 7, 2020

Made our Cedar Split Rail Fence really stand out!

Used Cabot on previous sections of our fence and it stayed sticky for weeks. This product is (so far) better than anything we’ve used previously. This soaked into the wood quite nicely and left a beautiful color (We used the Timber Oil Amaretto). After application it is exactly as described – a beautiful warm and

Brian & Patty McManness
August 9, 2020

Excellent Product

Signature Brown was the Timber Oil stain color we used which turned out great. We needed a non-yellow color to coordinate with our house color. The samples were very helpful in deciding which color to choose. Russell was very helpful by allowing us to text him pictures related to our questions. The only downside, if

Jim Anderson
August 9, 2020

Almost back to new!

We purchased the Complete Wood Cleaning and Restoration Kit for the deck at our mountain house. After 12 years of little to no attention it was looking quite sad. We followed the directions on the kit and our deck looks so much better. And it wasn’t a back breaking experience at all. We choose not

Debbie Starnes
August 3, 2020

Sample kit

I tried the timber oil sample kit 4 definition colors. I use it on home made walking sticks. Love it warm rich colors. 5 Stars for this Customer. Thank you ,Woodrich!

David Hecker
August 1, 2020
sampel 4 colors

Great product–will use again when needed.

Deck size 12×24′ Coverage as specified. However 3 heavy coats were required to give the desired effect on pressure treated pine.

George Riedmuller
July 11, 2020
western cedar

Great Product and Service

I purchased a Timber Oil sample kit to determine the right color choice for our new cedar deck. The kit arrived on time and was perfect for us to make our selection. I ordered the brown sugar, it arrived quickly went on very uniform and gave us the finish we wanted. In addition to an

John Guidone
July 12, 2020
Brown Sugar

gets better with age

I have used brown sugar timber oil on hemlock siding a few years ago. After power washing the cabin this summer, the water still beaded up but I thought it would be prudent to add another coat. I bought the kit and followed the directions. The second application of brown sugar has really made the

Philip Gruszka
July 14, 2020
brown sugar

Excellent from product to shipping…

Great product and great service…..fast,friendly! I will forever be a fan!

Gina Comfort
July 1, 2020

Use this

If you would buy any other product you are wasting your money. Simply the best. When the decking needs more care, I think about three years between treatments will do, this is what I will use…..nothing more needs said. The unchallenged best and easiest to work with.

Mark Elliott
June 12, 2020
Warm Honey Gold

Weather Worn Steps

Used the Warm Honey Gold Timber Oil after cleaning per Woodrich instructions. The old weather-beaten and tired looking steps have a great fresh new wood look and easy to apply. This product is amazing. Don’t waste your money on anything else and you will love the result.

John F Machowski
June 11, 2020
Warm Honey Gold

Western Cedar Stain

We read many of the reviews on this product and others before deciding to go with this stain. We have now stained our very large deck and our back fence on both sides by hand. It was a huge undertaking and I just finished yesterday. We used 25 gallons of stain and it is beautiful.

Kathy Johnson
May 30, 2020
Western Cedar Stain

Just what I wanted

I applied the honey brown to a new pressure treated pine deck that is enclosed. I waited about a month after the deck was built and used a cleaner from home depot. Initially I was going to use a deck pad to apply the stain but wasn’t getting really good results, so I just went

T. Parikh
June 4, 2019
Warm Honey Gold

Looks beautiful and easy to apply

I researched extensively and have stained my deck 3 times. This soaks in to a beautiful color and stays on really well.

May 29, 2019

Good stuff – A little orange

I used this stain on pressure treated wood. I used the treated pine and it turned out a little more orange than expected. I still would recommend this oil for treated wood.

May 23, 2019

Is easy to use

This oil stain goes on as easily as they say it does and soaks in with no streaks or noticeable inconsistencies. The people who make it are very supportive and helpful if you have any questions or issues. One tip for neophytes like myself: if you are using a brush to apply it the handle

Richard Patterson
October 31, 2018
Western Cedar

Works great

I love this stuff! I have used many brands previously and this by far is the best. I wanted to make sure the newly seasoned deck got a good first coat, so I applied it with a sponge and it looks great. I can’t wait to do the second coat in the spring with the

October 26, 2018
Brown Sugar



Amazon Customer
September 17, 2018
Warm Honey Gold

My deck looks great!

I used Timber Oil on my deck in Vermont, which gets lots of weather! I used it originally when the deck was built 2 years ago, and it had held up great! I re-applied 2 coats this past weekend, and it looks great! It penetrates evenly, dries quickly, and 2 coats can be applied within

September 11, 2018
Warm Honey Gold

Takes a while to be delivered!

Went on nice, not sure yet how it will hold up….. Problem: Delivery was slow!!!!!!

Leeann Stewart
September 9, 2018
Western Cedar

Third time I ordered

Other products faded quickly. This product holds up well in the Mississippi heat & humidity.

Amazon Customer
August 17, 2018
Brown Sugar

Love the Ameratto color and so easy to apply

Cedar deck

Amazon Corn
August 5, 2018

It’s a wonderful product, performs just as advertised and holds up…

It’s my 5th year using Timber Oil on my cedar deck but my first time using the Amaretto color. It’s a wonderful product, performs just as advertised and holds up year to year. Love the Amaretto!

Amazon Customer
July 30, 2018

Great stain

Came out really nice. This is pine board and batten siding.

donna m danaher
July 25, 2018
Western Cedar

Take your time

Delivered on the promise date, We built the pergola using western red cedar rough cut, we cut the corbels, notching and applied the timber oil before assembling. The Woodbridge brand timber oil brushed on without any problems and wiped as instructed looks great. Just finishing up the gingerbread stuff.

david weeks
July 8, 2018
Western Cedar

The stain was easy to use

I used the Western Red Cedar stain. The stain was easy to use, no over lap marks and the rich color of the stain. The product enhanced the beauty of the cedar wood that I stained.

michael c.
July 2, 2018
Western Cedar

So easy to apply

I used it to refresh my deck after the initial coat two years ago. I love the immediate penetration and protection.

Amazon Com
July 2, 2018

Great products for ipe decks

I’ve used this product on our ipe deck since it was installed. Use the whole Woodrich system. This order was delivered as promised and in great packaging. Highly recommended.

June 23, 2018
Brown Sugar

Woodrich Stain for decks and fences

Excellent deep penetrating oil based stain. I used on weathered cedar and pressure treated wood. I used the Western Cedar which was a bit orange on application but settled down to a wonderful cedar color when dried. Coverage will depend on your wood condition.

Schmo Did
May 15, 2018
Western Cedar

excellent product

Very good coverage.

john h boyd jr
May 9, 2018
Brown Sugar

This product is very easy to work with

This product is very easy to work with. The only thing keeping it from a 5 star rating was the color was supposed to be brown sugar and it’s more of a honey color. Very happy with how it turned out just not as dark as I thought it would be.

Jacob Sigafoose
May 1, 2018
Brown Sugar

Applies really easy. Dried fairly quickly in weather in the mid …

Ordered Woodrich based on a recommendation of a friend. Used on a new deck, and applied using only a brush. Applies really easy. Dried fairly quickly in weather in the mid 60’s. Make sure you shake well before first use.

Meco B. Womack
April 8, 2018
Brown Sugar

Outstanding oil stain for a cedar fence.

Simply amazing. I allowed my new Cedar fence to age to an ashen white before applying. When first applied the color appears very dark, but that is normal with oil. Within 3 days, the oil had nourished the wood and settled into a beautiful transparent red cedar color letting the grain of the wood shine

Amazon Customer
November 12, 2017
Western Cedar

It applied easily and looked good

I used this on our new cedar deck railing, stair risers, and deck cedar fascia after allowing it to age for just 1 – 2 weeks (it was mid-October, so I couldn’t give it longer). It applied easily, and looked good. It’s already lightened some in just several weeks, so it will be interesting to

October 29, 2017
Brown Sugar

very good service, customer service was great

applied to a new cedar deck i built on the ocean. very good coverage, customer service was great….

Adam O
October 24, 2017
Brown Sugar

No playing around

Order came in immediately along with an email as an information resource. Will definitely use this company again. Update: I did contact Woodrich and they were immediately there to help me answer questions. Critical information given to me which will save me time and money. Truly blown away by their customer service. They should get

Doc Brown
October 18, 2017
Western Cedar

Five Stars

Arrived in perfect condition! No dents leaks or crushed corners! Excellent product!

Nioclas Travelle
October 16, 2017
Western Cedar

Five Stars

This works great. Highly recommend!

Cheryl H
September 13, 2017
Warm Honey Gold

Great product, worth every penny.

Great product, worth every penny.

David R. Freeney
September 2, 2017
Warm Honey Gold

I was impressed on how easy it was to apply

I used this today on a new picnic table and 2 Adirondack chairs. Took the whole gallon as it just soaked right in. I was impressed on how easy it was to apply, no problem with going back to touch up the spots I missed, they blended right in. The finish ended up looking almost

August 26, 2017
Brown Sugar


This product is (so far) better than anything I’ve used previously. Unlike deck “stains” that are really more like paint, this soaked into the wood beautifully and left a beautiful color (I used the Honey Gold). When I got it I thought it looked too reddish to provide the color I wanted, but after application

Carl L. Young III
August 23, 2017
Warm Honey Gold

Five Stars

Satisfied with color, great coverage, easy to apply. Good Stuff, highly recommend.

Amazon Customer
August 10, 2017
Warm Honey Gold

At last! Deck finishing solved!

If you’re like me, you’ve been frustrated with “modern” deck finishing products that don’t last, and require stripping and refinishing on a yearly basis. In the Pacific Northwest, decks are wet at least nine months of the year. Algae, mold, mildew, rotting leaves, torrential rain and even snow create a tough environment for a deck.

Steve Carlson
August 7, 2017

Very nice product!

I was just impressed with the brightener which I used before the oil…it restored an 8 year old Cumaru deck…used cedar color…sorry no time to add photo, but trust me this is really nice stuff…filled in cracks deck looks like new!

July 18, 2017
Western Cedar

Five Stars

Went on easily and looks great.

Amazon Customer
July 18, 2017

Five Stars

The owner is really nice.

Amazon Customer
July 6, 2017
Warm Honey Gold

Five Stars

This is an amazing product! Super easy to apply and looks fantastic when complete.

July 6, 2017
Warm Honey Gold

Five Stars

Easy to apply, love the brown sugar, wood looks like Cedar on deck. Beautiful!

jackie harter
April 3, 2017
Brown Sugar

Buy this! You won’t be disappointed.

This product is the “BOMB”!! The three step process is easy and effective. We had a 10′ x 25′ ten year old neglected and sad looking redwood deck. After using the product, we have a deck that looks like it has been babied and well-cared for its entire existence. It’s handling the heavy amounts of

December 18, 2016

This did a beatiful job, it’s easy to work

We used this for a newly laid Cedar deck. New cedar can be hard to stain; most stains don’t penetrate the new wood very deeply. This did a beautiful job, it’s easy to work, it penetrates well, and provides a nice even color. In an area with harsh winter, it stays looking nice for at

Brian Goetz
December 10, 2016

I like it.

I really like this darker color stain. It brings out the lines/pattern in the wood. And I like the container it comes in; easy pour and store.

Diane M. Evans
September 9, 2016
Brown Sugar

High quality, easy to use oil finish

I used this on a new wood cedar picnic table. My method is slightly different than the instructions and the results are really great. First, I used some wood conditioner. Second, I put on a coat of finish and let it soak in longer than recommended – about 8 hours. Then I did another coat

July 25, 2016
Warm Honey Gold