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Made a deck stripping project easy

I was dreading stripping my deck but it was looking nasty. I read good things about this product. It was more expensive than some of the others but worth every cent in my opinion. I sprayed on the stripper and then power washed it off. I wasn’t expecting the old tinted water sealer to come

Jon Cross
July 8, 2019

Good luck

It took 3 tries to remove 6 years of stain. Those were heavy dose of the mixture. The brighter didn’t work I did it twice.

July 2, 2019

Works well

The product did an excellent job ad easy to use. We used a garden type sprayer to apply

Thomas Seymour
June 4, 2019


I had Sikens SRD stain on my pressure treated deck. used the Heavy Duty Wood stripper and agitated with a stiff deck brush. waited 20 minutes and rinsed, with a pressure washer with a low pressure tip. even did my vertical post. and beam,and the stripper worked great..was not sure it would work on the

May 29, 2019

Great product! Works as advertised!

Product works great! Stripping 3 coats (over 30yrs) of stain from my log home. 20-30mins of dwell time for the hd80 seems to be the sweet spot for my application. Then hit it with the pressure washer. Commercial grade stuff! Citralic doesn’t take much work at all. Spray on, quick brush, then rinse off. Very

Nathan E. Smith
April 23, 2019

Worked fairly well on overapplied, oil-based, semi-transparent deck stain…better than expected!

Stripper does an amazing job with minimal scrubbing and effort…as long as a pressure washer is used. While the higher pressure rinsing may chew up the wood a bit, doing a quick sanding afterwards is much less effort, and it produces a nicer, professional quality appearance. SHADE and COOL SURFACE are the keys when using

Mark N
October 11, 2018

Used both products and found them superior to any other to remove two applications of stain …

Used both products and found them superior to any other to remove two applications of stain and brightened the 25 yr old deck to like new appearance

August 1, 2018

Revived a deck that was given up on a DEAD

We have 24 year old pressure treated deck, with many of layers of semi-transparent oil based stain, that was neglected for the past 7 years. We thought we would have to replace the deck. One coat of stripper and the deck looked excellent. When we followed with brightener it truly looks like a new deck.

July 22, 2018

Does the job if you do it right

I used it to remove solid stain from my deck. I followed the instructions and it did a pretty good job. I had to apply the stripper and pressure wash it twice before I could get a satisfactory result.

July 20, 2018

waste of money and

used on behr redwood stain, complete zero effect, only bought $10 sample, waste of money and time

June 6, 2018

Minuscule results I did further research online and found comments by contractors who informed solid stains like the ones on my deck can only be

This stripper did nothing to remove the solid paint on my deck. I thoroughly tested this stripper but it didnt really do much. Test 1: 1. Tested on a small corner of deck
2. Applied stripper, let sit 25 minutes, power washed off – minuscule results Test 2: 1. Tested on the same small

April 30, 2018

Product did not work at all very disappointed with the yellow residue left on logs after use …

Product did not work at all very disappointed with the yellow residue left on logs after use that took hours to sand off.

michele lemay
February 27, 2018

Stripping a fence of old semi-transparent stain is a …

Stripping a fence of old semi transparent stain is a lot of work. The stripper helped a lot and the neutralizer worked to clean up the residue from the caustic in the stripper. Make sure you wear a dust mask and eye protection.

Kim Lester
February 19, 2018

This is the stripper to use!

Awesome stripper! I have a huge porch that I had to strip. A huge wrap around and a large uncovered back deck. The previous owners had on a semi solid stain that of course peeled. I had to strip my whole deck in order to go to an oil stain. This made that bearable to

December 26, 2017

Great product and great service

I’m giving this product 5 stars even though I’m not through experimenting with it. My initial use of the product was quite positive, dissolving much more than other products I experimented with and with less brushing. I am still experimenting with it but I expect the results to be great. The owner of the Woodrich

December 18, 2017

It did a great job getting the old stain off

I used this on an older deck with solid color stain over an older stain. It did a great job getting the old stain off. Although I had to sand the stain off the floor of the deck.it did a great job of coming off the spindles. Applying it then using a power sprayer worked

Thomas J Reindl
October 2, 2017

Preformed well on the first application for removal of most …

Preformed well on the first application for removal of most of the paint. The second application to remove the stubborn spots were very disappointing and had to resort to sanding

Bob Fiala
September 30, 2017

Five Stars

Worked exactly as described if not better than expected.

September 18, 2017

Nice touch. Mixed per regular instructions for use on …

Product arrived a day earlier than expected along with an email for additional support if needed. Nice touch. Mixed per regular instructions for use on Behr solid acrylic (sanded) finish that mostly failed. Used it on a redwood deck that was pre-power-washed to remove the some of the peeled finish. The stripper softened some of

Phillip Neufeld
September 18, 2017

This product did an excellent job stripping oil bases stain off of my deck …

This product did an excellent job stripping oil bases stain off of my deck and brightening it before my new stain application. Very pleased.

N Spears
August 22, 2017

Best stripper I have used

Our summer project is to strip the deck. I researched a lot of strippers and this one was the most recommended. The HD-80 works great! I have used it on semi stain and solid stain. I have a huge wrap around deck that is covered and a large back deck that is uncovered. Here are

July 6, 2017

Worth the money

Excellent product.easy to use.cut time in half.I won’t buy anything else.my customers love it.thanks

June 24, 2017

Good but harsh, as they say.

A few things. Took off most of the stain.. but some.. remained. Did not want to do it again.. due to the caustic nature of the stuff. Worked on the stains that were not oil based… the oil.. somewhat. Great price but harsh stuff. Ended up stripping… powerwashing…. neutralizing… powerwashing.. then sanding. Came out great!!

Robert Burns
June 8, 2017

Didn’t do what I had expected

Unfortunately it didn’t do the job for me. Spent $60 and followed the directions and it took off maybe 30% of the old deck paint. Maybe it was the paint I had used on the deck but I ended up belt-sanding the entire deck which took a good part of the week. Not very happy

May 20, 2017

Five Stars

Worked great. Brightener did not do much for me.

March 19, 2017

Big box stroe brands are a waste of time

As a professional contractor HD80 is the one of the few strippers that we will use. Big Box Store brands are a waste of time.

January 23, 2017

Need a consistent deck stripper…

I purchased 2 of these kits back in September, due to my having quite a bit of decking (nearly 900 sq. ft.) and I wanted to have the stripping/cleaning/new stain on my deck by now since I had the extra time to get it done. I have to give the HD-80 product 3 stars, just

Amish Country girl
October 29, 2016

No magical removal but it works

After trying home depots deck stripper and it did not remove the stain like I thought, I found the Hd80. It sounded pretty good. I have to say, I don’t think it is as good as it sounds. By this I mean it does remove the stain, but only in increments. You put it on,

October 16, 2016

easy to apply with garden sprayer (huge benefit) 2

1. easy to apply with garden sprayer (huge benefit)
2. works very fast and effectively compared to other stuff I tried (strips stain in about 15-20 min)
3. not super caustic like other strippers that fry your skin or cause you to grow a third nipple (you can wear latex gloves while working

October 1, 2016

This stuff is awesome! My 12 year old deck looks new again.

This stuff is awesome! My twelve year old deck looks new again. Be sure to follow the directions and keep it damp while it works and the job will be a breeze.

August 17, 2016

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